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The volcano biome is a new biome added in the 8.0.4 build of the mod. There are three visible terrain features that make up the biome. There are plains of volcanic rock and ash and regular stone

that are dotted with lava pools, shaped similar to plains dotted with ponds. The biome also consists of mountains covered in volcanic rock and ash, with an andesite and stone interior, comparable in shape to extreme hills. The most prominent feature of this biome are the composite volcanoes dotting the landscape. These volcanoes are made up of volcanic rock, and are filled to the brim will lava. It is not recommended to dig too deep into volcanoes, as the lava cavity is quite large and deep. Fossil ore is common to find on the surface in volcano biomes. Lava pools are common on or just below the surface, and patches of magma blocks dot the biome. It is not uncommon to find vanilla fossil structures made from bone blocks on or below the surface interlaced with coal ore. Water and leaves are colored dark gray/black in this biome, and the sky has a purple hue. Volcano biomes are incredibly rare, with a weight of 1 out of 1000.

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