Block breaking   Yay

Block breaking is one of those features that I love and hate. If toggled on, it adds a unique challenge to the game. If toggled off, well I understand why you don't want dinosaurs destroying beautiful exhibits. I keep it on for the challenge. When active, it punishes you for making dirt holding pens or crappy exhibits, or sometimes (I mean most times) even beautiful ones. But after seeing a Ceratosaurus vaporize a wall of stone three blocks thick, it shows this system is not totally realistic. The only times I see block breaking occur is when a dinosaur (and other animals) that can break blocks either wants to get to something, or is going down a slope. Keep in mind though that it is not limited to those two examples. I feel that with the mood system, block breaking could be used to force people to care for their dinosaurs if block breaking is one day tied in with the animal's mood and hunger. Also, what the creatures can break through is pretty important, because lets remember that Ceratosaurus I mentioned earlier. It doesn't make sense in reality. Other than those two things I would change, if you have it on, block breaking gives that element that your dinosaurs or mammals or... uh... sea cucumbers could escape is pretty cool. I just love that about it (And why it's one of the greatest). But the reason that sometimes it is SO unplayable for me is that certain blocks should not be able to be destroyed the the mod's mobs (Like stone. I'm tired of iron. No more iron).

This is terribly put together and I pity anyone who spent the time to read this. 
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