• So, for right now tyrannosaurs have feathers, and fanboys deny it. So today, i give you reasons why they had feathers.

    Yes! They have feathers!

1. the climate doesen't mean anything. so, giraffes live in the savannah, and are covered with fur. And a tyrannosaurus is comparble to a girrafe in size. So in the future, this would be like scientists saying giraffes didn't have fur because they lived in too hot of a climate

2. it still got cold. Most people say that tyrannosaurus lived in places with a climate like louisiana.Well' I have been there, and TRUST ME it gets FREEZING during winter.So, even  though they lived in places where it possibly never snowed, it still got cold.

3.Compare it to a smilodon. Smilodons have NO evidence WHATSOEVER that they had fur, yet they are depicted with fur. "Well", you might be saying, "We know smilodon had fur because all of their relatives and anscestors had fur" well, the SAME THING for the T-rex

4. so what about the skin print?well, it is a TINY skin patch on A 40 FOOT LONG could've had feathers somewhere else.For all we know, it could've had mange, genetic mutation, gotten that part of it's feathers burnt off when running away from a forest fire,etc. And, you have to remember t rex is an animal. And we see diseases, mutation, and injuries happening in natural disasters all the time.

my debate is done, so i present fluffy tyrannosaurs


like a boss

Tyrannosaurus rex by synchrolight-d7bak0m

because feathers could've covered those stubby arms


still accurate

Feathered T-Rex-001

rockin' that color

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