So since Amber Ore currently has no use, I think we should make it give Paleozoic animal DNA. Like the Coelacanth, Paleozoic DNA will be green and more square, as opposed to the yellow circles of the Mesozoic and the polygons of the Cenozoic. So Amber should spawn naturally at very low levels(usually under plains, savannahs, deserts, and tagias), and in large numbers. When mined, they have a chance of dropping 0 to 5 Amber, 1 to 10 Bones, or Cobblestone. The Amber can be analyzed in an Analyzer to get sand, bonemeal, nothing, all that junk...until it drops DNA. Here is a list of animals that can possibly be found in DNA:

Common(50% Chance): Westlothiana, Arthopleura, Meganuera, Ichthyostega, Diplocaulus, Ophiacodon.

Rare(30%): Scutosaurus, Gliding Lizard, Edaphosaurus, Coelacanth, Hemicyclaspis, Cephalaspis.

Super Rare(15%): Dimetrodon, Moschops, Lycaneops, Proganochelys.

Epic(5%): Secodontosaurus, Askeptosaurus, Elginia.

So you just revive the animals, and bam. You've got a whole new geological era of animals living in your world.

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