SO basically you say what you want to be added i will see what would be the best to add then put it in a list. (just because it appears here does NOT mean it will be added)


Plesiosuar model update ~

Plesiosaur change to either Elasmosaurus or Mauisaurus

Taming Liopleurodon ~

Addition of Dimetrodon

Addition of Therizinosaurus ~

Addition of Ichthyosaurus

Addition of Easter Island Statues

Tarbosaurus and Tylosaurus as alternate versions of T-rex and Mosasaurus

Raw Mammal Meats

Different Failiuresaurus for each kind 

(One for carnivores, one for herbivores,one for pterosaurs,one for marine life,one for other reptiles, one for synapsids and one for ice age beasts)

Addidition of giant Paleozoic Horsetails ~

Addition of DIPLOCAULUS!

Addition of Epidexipteryx (first proto bird)

Addition of Archeaopteryx (first true bird)

Addition of Atopodentatus (really weird thing)

Taming Mosasaurus ~

Taming Spinosaurus ~

Taming Diplocaulus

Taming Ichthyosaurus

Taming Therizinosaurus ~

Taming Failuresaurus

Ichtyosaurus shows


Taming Prionosuchus

Taming Epidexipteryx

Taming Atopodentatus

Taming Archeaopteryx

Addition and taming of the sirrush

Addition and taming of the Suchomimus


Addition of Paleozoic Critters

addition of Basilosaurus 

addition of Carnotaurus

addition of Dimorphodon

Addition of ginkgos

Addition of cycads

Reworked mammoth model ~

Reworked smilodon model ~

Addition of sinornithosaurus

Addition of torosaurus

Addition of Brontosaurus

Addition of megalosaurus

Addition ornithopods ~ and their AI

Add ancient cities and civilisations

Addition of horseshoe crab

Addition of frilled shark

This is theoretically a check list as i will use ~ to mark an added feature

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