Well this shouldn't actually take to long. I should also include right now there is going to be swearing, so if your a child and you see the swearing in the title then you have been warned. Therefore I'm not to be blamed. Alright lets get started...

Well let's get started, I had the idea of doing this for a long time but I didn't thought it wasn't relevant until now. If your wondering what dinosaur i'm talking about, it's spinosaurus, thats right fucking spinosaurus. Why spinosaurus, well most people who are used to this wikia and are common with the forums know that spinosaurus is actually a bipedal dinosaur and not a quadrepedal dinosaur like the 2014 reconstruction shit says. (A bit overboard). But everytime I go on to Youtube to a popular spinosaurus video from late 2014 and before the sigilmassasaurus report came out, don't know why I go on those, I normally to see if the main channel is correcting themselves. But all I see is glorified want be paleontology nerds saying "I fucking love spinosaurus 2014" and when you have people who are paleontology nerds go and and correct the videos arguements. They get the reply from these fanboys saying "oh a jp3 fag fanboy". What do I have to say that. Well let me say that there are people who would make good arguements but this is still argueing to them as well. Your paleotology super smart levels you think you have are just utter bullshit. You may thuink your smart cause you saw this on the news but thats where your primary fucked up. The 2014 article was just one paper which was revised and the fucking media. Compared to what we say that is now the actually correct posture has several different papers which all depicate to debunking the quadpedal spinosaurus. Then you got people claiming that the papers don't say nothing to do with legs. Bullshit I say, inference is what is needed. The 2015 paper, for those who I liked to call "2014 fan boys", you know who you are, it infers that sigilmassasaurus is the 2014 spinosaurus fossils and therefore all the information about spinosaurus before 2014 is correct. (And counting after the sigilmassasaurus paper was written). So what do we have here, a worthless rant in my opinion but I needed to get this of my chest. Huh, well thats all I want to write really saying that all these 2014 spino fan boys need to start reading papers and looking at them in different angles. Or ask a paleontologist or paleontology nerd for help. I do blame the media for this. Well because they were the ones who did spread the 2014 spinosaurus like wildfire over the internet. 

Okay now I'm really finished, i disn't prove anything but only just ranted. Seemed right.

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