Hammer let the kids wake up later than normal, as there wasn’t many plans, though he still had something he wanted to show them. “Boys” the Kelenken called. “Yeah” one of them responded. “Come with me. There’s somebody I would like you to meet” Hammer said. “Okay” Machete said. The three joined Hammer. The four then started walking out. They went down the mountain and into a hot desert. Sandy, arid and with many plants. “What’s this place” Cloud asked. “This is just a desert. Relatively safe” Hammer said. They continued on for another hour. After passing that they found a large, flat, muddy area with few blades of grass. In the middle, a pile of items. “We’re here” Hammer said. The boys looked exhausted at this point. They looked at the pile of items. An Anzu was cleaning and preparing some of the items. A small lizard rested on the back of the oviraptorosaur. “Hey, how is my favorite buyer” the anzu asked. “Good” Hammer said. “I see you brought company, What are their names” the anzu asked. “Their names are Cloud, Machete and Frostbite” Hammer said. “Well, hi! My name is Pheasant. How are you doing” the Anzu asked happily. “What’s that” Cloud asked, pointing at the lizard. “That’s a chamops. They’re not from here. I got him a few years ago back when I was in Central America” Pheasant said. “What’s it doing here” Frostbite asked. “It’s my pet” Pheasant said. “What are those” Machete asked. “They’re animals we keep around as company. And company I need. I’m basically the only one of my kind for miles” Pheasant said. “What’s in there” Hammer asked, pointing at the turtle shell. “Ah yes, this is a very valuable dust. Great for many things, and I haven’t even figured out all the things it can do, but I know it can cure mind control from dilophosaurus” Pheasant said.
“How much for it. We in the mountains have all the minerals in the world” Hammer said. “Oh, not much actually. I found a place it’s extremely common, and I’m just giving it away. You can take it” Pheasant said. “Thanks. We still are looking to spend, though” Hammer said as he took the shell full of the purple powder. “You can perhaps use this” Pheasant said as he took out a blade. It was made from a Deinocheirus claw, which is a very rare thing to get. It was tied firmly to a metal rod. “We’ll take it” Hammer said. “This one is multipurpose. You can use it as a weapon, for harvesting or as a simple tool” Pheasant said. Hammer dropped down twenty large, blue crystals. “Thank you” Pheasant said. “C’mon kids” Hammer said. They followed, taking the tool and dust with them.
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