Frostbite, Machete and Cloud were all woken up early by Bull Shark, a large Spinosaurus Male. “So you, as predators, are gonna have to learn how to fight, wether it be for prey, self defense or some other reason. Now I know you have killed dozens upon dozens of compies by the creek, but they barely put up a fight” he said. “But compies are fun” Machete said. “This will be more fun. I guarantee it” Bull Shark said. The kids looked excited. “Now” Bull shark called out to Mudstone, who was right in front of a boulder. It was shoved out of the way, Mudstone went out, and out ran a Citipati. They made sure to keep the area enclosed, as to make it more inclined to fight. It started charging at Machete. Frostbite pounced on the oviraptorosaur, knocking it off balance. “Just a warning, they can get nasty” Bull shark called out. This thing looked nasty in their eyes. It started trying to scratch at Frostbite, but Cloud and Machete started biting at the legs. The Citipati tried shaking them off, but it didn’t work. Frostbite saw this as an opportunity and tried biting its head, something he learned from hunting compies. Of course this was bigger, around the size of a small cassowary. And like a cassowary, this thing was vicious. It was still covered in the three. Frostbite decided to use his own weight to knock it down. He swung to the right, which caused it to fall over. The other two helped to pin it down. It shrieked, and Bull Shark just watched. Frostbite bit down on the throat. This wasn’t enough however, as it needed some time to start to effect it. After five minutes, the Citipati stopped struggling and went limp. Dead. “Was That fun” Bull Shark asked. “Yes” they all shouted in unison. “So, if I went and got another, you’d do this again” Bull Shark asked. “Yup” Machete said. “And did you learn anything at all” Bull Shark asked. “Yes” Cloud said. That was good enough for Bull Shark, who at this point just wanted a nap.
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