Orchid was a female Utahraptor who lived in the same group Hammer did. The other members of the group considered her the sweetest among them. She was the one who would take care of the sick and injured, though would have to deal with the kids while everyone was out, if she wasn’t doing anything important. She loved the kids, and viewed them as her own sometimes. She got excited at the thought of another coming in. “Hey, what’s your name” Orchid asked to Frostbite. “Frostbite” he had responded. “Who gave you that name” she asked. “Hammer did” Frostbite said. “Hm. He always was the best at that” Orchid said. “Hey, me and the others are going out. Some simple things we need to sort out” Mudstone said. The Nanotyrannus then trotted over to the rest of the group. Orchid already knew what she had to do, and made sure the kids were well behaved. They never were a problem, hence why she looked forward to being around them. “So, I have to watch over you while everyone else is gone” Orchid said to the kids. She had lots of fun being around them this time, like any other. She watched them play by the creek as they chased Beelzebufo, thought them some things about the area, and eventually had to get them to go to sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night, sensing something wasn’t right. She immediately looked at the cave the kids slept in, and saw a taller, dark figure enter. She immediately began to fear for the kids and snuck her way over there. She looked, and the cave was still decently lit, so she could tell exactly what this was. A megaraptor. A male, with display feathers that they value more than their own mates. This one in particular had been a problem. “What do you think you’re doing” she yelled over. He was shocked, as he thought he was alone. He looked, and he realized who it was. “Umm, I was reading them bedtime stories” he said anxiously. “I’m not stupid” Orchid said. “Well, how are ya gonna stop me from whatever it was I was gonna do, psychic master” the megaraptor said sarcastically. “If they found out, your filth would be gone” she said to the megaraptor. “And what are they gonna do” the megaraptor asked. “We have a Therizinosaurus” Orchid said. That immediately shocked the megaraptor. “You saw nothing” he said before running away. “We did see something” Orchid said. “What did we see” Frostbite asked. “We saw an idiot. That’s what we saw” Orchid said.

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