Narrator: In the Triassic Period, they were just a spec of the Earth. But once the Jurassic came, they took a whole new level. We will explore the life of the magnificent creatures called "Dinosaurs".

Episode 1: A giant story.

North America, 154 MYA.

Narrator: Welcome to the Jurassic Period, a time where dinosaurs took a whole new level after the End-Triassic Extinction.

The camera is now locked on some dinosaur eggs.

Narrator: These are the eggs of a Brachiosaurus, a dinosaur that weight about 48 tons. It was herbivorous, which means it ate plants almost exclusevly.

One of the eggs starts hatching. A small sauropod face is revealed from it.

Narrator: This is the female we will be following.

The hatchling Brachiosaurus lets out a squeak. A few more eggs start hatching. The Documentary fades to black after that.

3 years later.

Juvenile Brachiosaurus are eating a fern together.

Narrator: Our female, and her siblings, have grown to a juvenile. They need to find a herd before they find danger.

The Brachiosaurus go away to find a herd. The camera is now focused on a big fern.

Narrator: But they will find the latter.

A jaw with a crest on the tip of the snout shows itslef from the fern and lets out a low growl.

Narrator: Ceratosaurus. A horned predator.

The camera reveal the full face of the fearsome predator.

Narrator: It stalks the group, ready to attack any time.

The Ceratosaurus runs off after the group. The Juveniles try to run away as fast as they can, but the Ceratosaurus is faster. It catches one of the Juvenile. The Other hide in a field of ferns.

Narrator: Our female was lucky. But one of her siblings isn't.

The Ceratosaurus swallows the unlucky juvenile whole.

5 years later.

The Brachiosaurus group is still traveling to find a herd.

Narrator: Our group is close to a herd of Stegosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur with plates on it's back used to warn predators of. Their real weapon is two pairs of spikes on the end of its tail, called a Thagomizer.

A baby Stegosaurus tries to keep up with its parent. But a roar is heard from the forest.

Narrator: A predator is incoming. The lion of the jurassic.

A large theropod bursts from the trees.

Narrator: Allosaurus. A top predator of this forest.

The Predator charges towards the baby Stegosaurus, but its mother tries to save it. Meanwhile, while the group watches the fight, all but one of them get eaten by other Allosaurus. The female luckly runs away.

Narrator: The female is the only one left from the group.

As a low sound is heard from nearby, the female rushes towards it. She finds a herd of Brachiosaurus and runs straight to them.

Narrator: In the next episode, we will explore Africa in the Cretaceous Period. We will meet one of the only Semi-Aquatic dinosaurs.

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