It will be the first so it's not new... eh.

Anyways... the book/story will be called Mesozoica, which will be set on the island of the same name.


  • Cane: a quirky Velociraptor with a mutation that caused him to have a feather crest on his head. One of the two main characters
  • Tina and Ron: Cane's siblings and hunting "pals". Cane somehow hates them because they are often taunting him.
  • Sasha: Cane's careful mother. The only one of the parents left
  • Michelle: a nature-loving Microraptor. One of the two main characters.
  • Dakon: an evil-spireted Dakotoraptor. The antagonist of the story.
  • Dakon's assistance: a pair of Monolophosaurus who will help Dakon rule over the island.
  • Taron: an elder Triceratops, will help Cane and Michelle find a new home.

What will happen to (almost) all of them? Find out when the first chapter will be released.

Chapter I has been released! Check it out in my profile!

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