Morning in the Plains. Cane woke up to find that no one is in the nest. He searched for a bit to find Taron lying on the ground, blood pouring from his mouth like a waterfall:

"What's wrong?"- He said.

"D-Dakon. He kidnapped Michelle and I tried to fight back. But he was stronger."- Taron replied.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know. I have no power to move anymore. Save yourself and find Michelle, my poor little daughter."

"Taron! No!"

Taron took his last breath and said:

"You are the hero of Mesozoica, Cane."

"Taron! No!"- Cane said again through his tears.

Meanwhile, in a Cave near the Tyrannosaurus Taiga, Ralph and Nosrek are holding Michelle's wings:

"Stop it!"- She said. They threw her into one of the rooms of the Cave. Michelle tried to escape, but Nosrek grabbed Michelle's wing and threw her back into the room. The sound of growling and tapping claws filled the hall. A familliar face entered the room:

"Where is the crested brat?"- Dakon said.

"Where your death is!"- Michelle replied. Dakon lightly impaled his toe claws into Michelle:

"Tell me something about my death, and I'll rip your head of, like a Coelophysis eating its baby."

Michelle immideatly went down into tears. Dakon was leaving the room, when Nosrek asked him:

"What about the brat?"

"I am going to do the same for him."- Dakon replied.

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