As Cane and the Microraptor walked into the plains, they saw a herd of Triceratops. As they closed in, the Triceratops started being aggressive towards them. Then, an elder Triceratops asked everyone not to worry about them:

"Don't worry, it's just Michelle and... who's this guy?"

"My name is Cane, sir."- Cane replied.

"Well then, i'm Taron, i am the leader of this herd. I will help you and Michelle find a new home."

Since the sun was going down, Taron went to one of the nests, Cane and Michelle followed him. They went to sleep.

On the next day, Cane woke up to hear leaves rustling. He searched for the source of the sound. He found out that Michelle was eating a... Dicksonia? Cane was confused:

"Why are you eating plants?"

"Because i'm a Triceratops."- She replied

Cane was even more confused, but he heard another sound. It was if someone was speaking. He searched for it and he found the Dakotaraptor he has seen before:

"Ralph, Nosrek, you have dissapointed me."- The Dakotaraptor said. There was a pair of Monolphosaurus that killed his mother, too:

"We are sorry Dakon, well try harder next time!"

"Fools, we need the island as quick as we can."

Cane accidently stepped on a stick. Dakon noticed him:

"Kill him!"- Dakon said.

Cane tried to run away, but the Monolophosaurus were from all sides. Then they all heard a roar coming near. It was Taron. He roared at the Monolophosaurus and they ran away. Cane tried to find Dakon but he was already gone...

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