The Microraptor turned and grabbed Cane. Cane was too confused to say anything for some time. He then turned and asked:

"Where are we going?"

"No time to say!" - Said the Microraptor.

Cane then heard a hiss coming from the nearby bushes. It was a pack of Dilophosaurus who chased them. Cane then turned around to the Microraptor. The Dilophosaurus tried to attack, but it missed them. Cane and the Microraptor soon came to some place in the forest to hear a menacing growl. They saw a tail with scales on it:

"We better run!"- Said the Microraptor.

They then ran away from the forest:

"We need to find Taron, quick."

"Who is Taron?"

They heard a roar closing in. The Microraptor then grabbed Cane and ran away. It was a Tyrannosaurus, the king of the Island. With his feathery crown on his neck, he chased after the pair, but they were quicker. Soon they ran off into the plains...

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