Mesozoica went under some changes during development. I will show you them.

Early plots

Let's start with plots. There is only one early version of the plot.

The "Friends" Plot

There was an adult Brachiosaurus who guarded her nest, then a Tyrannosaurus killed her. One of her eggs hatch to become the main protagonist, Ben, who we will take a look later. But the egg was grabbed by some Oviraptors and dropped into a river. Two friends, Dan, a Dilophosaurus and Claw, a Velociraptor, who will become Cane in the final plot, find the egg. Ben hatches and grows, they have adventures and so on.

Early characters

Let's talk about early characters!

Ben the Brachiosaurus

Ben was a brachiosaurus who was cut during development. He was the main protagonist, but was replaced by Cane (Named "Claw" at that time).

Dan the Dilophosaurus

Same thing here, he was cut from the development because I thought he was just a filler character.

Claw the Velociraptor

Basically, he's Cane's prototype. Because of my knowledge about dinosaurs at the time, Claw had pronated hands and he was without feathers.

Unnamed Tyrannosaurus

Though he got into the final version, he was the main antagonist in the early version. I thought having a large theropod as the antagonist was cliche, so I replaced him with a Dakotoraptor in the final version.

Mickey the Microraptor

He was essentially took the role of Scrat from Ice Age in the early plot. I then made him a main character and changed his gender, and now we got Michelle!

Cut scenes

Deleted scenes and why I deleted them.

"Dakon Lovebird" Scene

It's essentially that one scene from "Tarbosaurus" which I can't probably mention on this wiki. That's the same reason why I deleted this scene.

Cane finds his Mother's remains

It lives up to its name. I thought it was too dark, so I deleted it.

And that's all I have for the development of Mesozoica!

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