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    Full Model History

    February 27, 2019 by Adsper

    This is just a fun little project for me where I search for all the old models that I can find and compile them here so we can all laugh at them. Some of the pictures might be too big, so just click on them to actually see them. Disclaimer: I am not going to cover tiny changes in the models, because then I'd have to manage about ten tabbers for the old mobs.

    The first guy.

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  • Adsper

    Forum Glitch

    November 7, 2015 by Adsper

    Decided to put this on a blog instead of the forum.

    So for whatever reason, the forum is glitched and only shows the Suggestions board. The other boards still exist, they just aren't under the Special:Forum page.

    This is just to let everybody know that I have contacted wikia about it and hopefully it can be fixed soon. I'll edit this as soon as it's back to normal.

    In the meantime, here are links to quickly get to the boards that have disappeared.

    • News
    • Discussion
    • Questions
    • Suggestions
    • Creations (I really need a better name for this)
    • Off-topic

    Tanks a lot.

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  • Adsper

    Unofficial Modelers

    September 3, 2015 by Adsper

    As most of you should know, the Models page has been ravamped with the removal of all unofficial modelers (sowwy). This is where non-official modelers will go from now on.

    The rules for this page are the same; if you want to be featured on this blog, you have to make either a deviantart gallery, or a minecraft forum page. If your page doesn't contain any F/A models, then your getting deleted off this blog (kinda obvious). You are allowed to post new models on this blog, but please don't take a picture of your model as you make it every half an hour and post it. And don't get angry when your models don't get added, because then your 5% chance turns into 0.…

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  • Adsper

    Before you ask, yes the title is a reference to 'How to kill a mocking bird'.

    So since defeating Anu is one of the hardest things in the mod, if not the hardest thing in the mod, I've made a full guide on how to do it. The first step is getting the required items.

    • One Diamond+ Sword. (I prefer a Scarab Sword because I like the image of an Ancient Sword vs. a Scarab Sword)
    • A Bow
    • Good Armor (I like Skull Armor)
    • One Diamond+ Pickaxe (You'll have to mine obsidian)
    • A Nether Portal
    • At least two stacks of blocks (To bridge your way to the Hell Boats and Anu's Castle)
    • Food
    • 4 Redstone
    • 4 Mysterious Statues (These are very hard to find, so keep that in mind)
    • A Scarab Gem

    The first step in the journey of slaying Anu, is to find a Hell Ship. Now since the only way…

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  • Adsper

    All Possible Mobs

    April 25, 2015 by Adsper

    So since there are a huge number of people making lists of mobs that they want to be added, and since most of them don't go to the model page, I decided to make a checklist of official models, so people know what will eventually be added (hopefully). If something is crossed out, then that means they've already been added, and they are arranged from first made to latest made. Enjoy.

    Please note that many of these models are old and will be revised before being added to the mod. Also keep in mind that these are not by any means the only planned future mobs, the devs have a super secret list with at least over 60 mobs on it.

    Total Count of New Mobs: 54(?) Remaining.

    Up to Date Remodels Original Models
    Pachycephalosaurus  (Updated by Raptorfarian …

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