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  • My occupation is Wiki writer, lore writer, modeler, and texturer for F/A Revival.
  • I am Female. Pretty obvious from the username and all.
  • ASDFGirl

    In case you haven't noticed, I am back from vacation. I fed many iguanas. It was paradise.

    But now that I'm back, I have to busy myself with preparing the wiki for the update that's coming. This is a big job, because SO MUCH has changed in this update. And I'm not even done revising the current information on the wiki!

    Anyway, since the current update (7.2) is widely used and will most likely continue to be widely used after we update, I am not going to edit that info away. Instead, I am going to introduce something called tabbers. Tabbers are tabs that appear at the top of a page and let you navigate between different types of content. In this case, it will show you either the 7.2 information or the 7.3 information, depending on which tab yo…

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  • ASDFGirl

    I should be writing an article right now. But since I have literally no motivation to do that, I figured I'd write a new blog post. There was actually some interest about my novel on the MC Forums the other day, so I thought I'd do some novel-related rambling.

    So, there was this really neat traveling exhibit that was near my town not too long ago called Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs (unfortunately no photos were allowed). I got my boyfriend to take me to go see it and holy cow, was it incredible. The exhibit was set up as winding path that you had to follow, and around every corner there was a new surprise. There were so many beautiful fossils and life-size sculptures to see. I was particularly happy to see pterodaustro, nemico…

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  • ASDFGirl

    Why hello Wikia users!

    Its me, ASDF, one of the admins in charge of the "wiki renovation." For those of you who hadn't noticed, the mob pages are getting cleaned up a lot. My friends on the Revival team have me going around, rewriting pages, fact checking information, and making things pretty. I started with the mobs because I feel like those are some of the most high-traffic pages. I am almost finished with the prehistoric creatures, and I'm thinking that I will split the "terror birds" page into the four separate species' own pages. Just a heads up. I'll have to figure out how to redirect that page to the four... 

    When I get to the other mobs, I'm going to have to figure out how to make another template for the infoboxes because the "mob" …

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  • ASDFGirl

    Hello all! 

    This is just a heads up to warn you all that this wiki is getting a makeover! Things are going to start looking different around here. Adspers and I have been put in charge of reorganizing and rewriting this beast. And also, cleaning. Useless pages and things will be deleted. 

    Anyway, the home page is almost finished so you can check that out if you want to get a peak of what is to come! The next projects that I am working on (I'm not sure about what Adspers wants to do yet) are the Wiki theme and the Mobs page. That's gonna be quite the challenge I think! How fun.

    If anyone would like to help me, here's a small way you can: I love using pictures with shaders on wikis! If you have any great pictures of this mod using shaders, upload…

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