Okay so I know I said that I would be getting wiki pages done this past month. And I also am aware that I have touched approximately 0 of them. But I have an excuse, fam. Actually, several.

First, my birthday came and went, and to celebrate I had some friends sleep over a few days and then slept over their house for a few days after New Years. So in order to be a good host and then house guest, I stayed off my laptop and got 0 things done here. Thankfully, nothing was really happening on here anyway so I'm sure no one was really bothered by my absence. 

Second, I have fallen ill. I've been visited by the worst cold I've ever had and it's friend the ear infection. I've been spending my days cocooned in bed, several feet away from my laptop. I'm too lazy and miserable to get out of bed to log on my laptop on a good day, so being sick has made it downright impossible. So yeah, I haven't been on.

The good news is, I've been reading a lot and it's helped to re-invigorate my novel writing. Yay! I've knocked out a few more chapters and have finally initiated the rising action. It's crazy to think that I'm putting in all this effort to get things done so slowly, but honestly it's my fault. I have such low motivation to do anything anymore that planning two chapters in my novel makes me feel like the Goddess of Productivity. Maybe more laying in bed will solve that problem.

So, to wrap things up, yeah, I'm a shitty human for not working on the wiki like I said I would, but hey, I have excuses and at least I worked on my novel. Make sure you hit me up if you have any questions/comments/concerns about the mod, the wiki, my novel, your ex-girlfriend, chocolate, elephants, relevants, etc.

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