In case you haven't noticed, I am back from vacation. I fed many iguanas. It was paradise.

But now that I'm back, I have to busy myself with preparing the wiki for the update that's coming. This is a big job, because SO MUCH has changed in this update. And I'm not even done revising the current information on the wiki!

Anyway, since the current update (7.2) is widely used and will most likely continue to be widely used after we update, I am not going to edit that info away. Instead, I am going to introduce something called tabbers. Tabbers are tabs that appear at the top of a page and let you navigate between different types of content. In this case, it will show you either the 7.2 information or the 7.3 information, depending on which tab you click. It makes editing pages infinitely harder... but it will be worth it in the long run. The allosaurus page is a nice example of the tabbers. Take a look now!

Any pages that are unaffected by the update will not have these tabbers on them. If you are looking at the wiki on a mobile device, any tabbers will not appear, so that is why I am adding the titles "7.2 UPDATE" and "7.3 UPDATE" to the pages that have them. 

Thought I'd just let everyone know about my newest wiki endeavors here. Be prepared to update soon! I have a lot of work ahead of me xD

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