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Wiki the stegosaurus

So, yesterday I was hanging out with some new friends at a Mario Kart party at my dorm while wearing my dinosaur onesie and carrying around my stuffed stegosaurus named Wiki (yes, lovingly named after this website). Wiki and I were talking to these two freshmen about dinosaurs, cryptids, Pokemon etc. You know, all the cool stuff that the judgemental people eating pizza in the corner wouldn't care about. 


Oricorio sensu style (I prefer baile style)

When the conversation turned to the new Pokemon 'Oricorio', the freshman girl mentioned how much she liked the sensu Oricorio that danced with geisha-like fans because it reminded her of ancient Japanese war fans. She went on to talk about how much she liked learning about the culture and stuff. So, I decided to shamelessly plug the mod into the conversation. 

"I'm actually part of a Minecraft mod team that's working on some archeology features. Maybe I'll hit you up if I ever need help with ancient Asia!" I said.

At this point, the freshman boy that was with us looked me, a mod dev talking about archeology while wearing a dinosaur onesie, dead in the eye and asked, "It wouldn't happen to be the Fossils and Archeology mod, would it?"

The sound that came out of my mouth was inhuman and probably matched the onesie better than it did me. "YOU'VE HEARD OF FOSSILS AND ARCHEOLOGY?" I shrieked, basically disrupting the entire party with my loud mouth. 

"Yeah, that's one of my favorite Minecraft mods!" he said. "I can't believe you contributed to it!" 

As we talked (well, more like "freaked out"), I found out that he hadn't heard about the 7.3 update. So naturally, I took the time to show him and my other freshman friend all the new models and new mobs. He was particularly excited about being able to tame spinosaurus and liopleurodon.

F/A might be a fairly popular mod, but when you compare the number of players to the number of people who play Minecraft in general, and then compare that to the number of people in your country or on the planet, it seems like you'll never run into someone who plays it. Actually finding a fan of F/A in person was like, one of my dreams. Lo and behold, one lives across the hall from me! It's so surreal.

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