Hello all! 

This is just a heads up to warn you all that this wiki is getting a makeover! Things are going to start looking different around here. Adspers and I have been put in charge of reorganizing and rewriting this beast. And also, cleaning. Useless pages and things will be deleted. 

Anyway, the home page is almost finished so you can check that out if you want to get a peak of what is to come! The next projects that I am working on (I'm not sure about what Adspers wants to do yet) are the Wiki theme and the Mobs page. That's gonna be quite the challenge I think! How fun.

If anyone would like to help me, here's a small way you can: I love using pictures with shaders on wikis! If you have any great pictures of this mod using shaders, upload them to imgur and link them in the comments of this post. That way, I can see them and pick the ones to use on my pages! 

Thanks for all your patience during the future reorganization period. I'm looking forward to making things easier and more helpful for everyone!

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