In the ongoing adventure of making our mod as scientifically accurate as we can within the realm of Minecraft, we have of course realized that some of our current models are not up to standards. This means that in the future, we will be redoing many of our current models in addition to unveiling new mobs. This space will be used for sharing model revisions as we reveal them.

Velociraptor and Deinonychus

Dromeosaur king Raptorfarian revisited his beloved Velo and Deino recently, giving them some much needed edits. The differences are small, but really improve the anatomy of the animals. You can see comparisons between the old and new models below, along with growth stages. The biggest changes are in head shape, neck positioning, and wing configuration.

Veloci comparison

Velociraptor comparison

Deino comparison

Deinonychus comparison

Deinon stages

Deinonychus growth stages

Veloci stages

Velociraptor growth stages

Also, the scaly textures got revisited as well. We are fully aware that scaly dromeosaurs is completely inaccurate - however, at this point we cannot remove the scaled option in the config. The scale option may be removed sometime in the future, though, in keeping with our goal for accuracy.

New scales

New scaled Velociraptor and Deinonychus


Fittingly, Tyranno66 handled the remodel for the Tyrannosaurus. In redoing this famous beast, we made sure to pay attention to the latest findings on Tyrannosaurus integument (their relative lack of feathers) and extraoral tissue (lips that covered the teeth when the mouth was closed). Compared to our last rex, this one has a much longer tail, a better head/neck position, realistically proportioned legs, and a smaller head. It will get a lightly feathered option, but as of yet that has not been completed.


New Tyrannosaurus


Old Tyrannosaurus


The next mob to get an official remodel preview is the Sarcosuchus. Raptorfarian again took one of his popular models and gave it a face-lift. This new Sarco is able to keep its eyes above water now, because they're so much higher on its head. Its head is also shaped totally different, its tail has a more natural droop, and its texture is significantly more crocodile-inspired.


Old Sarcosuchus


New Sarcosuchus

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