Fossils and Archeology Mod Revival Wiki

Here is a list of all past updates for the mod. The devs will not give out release dates for the next update here.

1.12.2, Build 8.0.5 - " Fixes and Future Update"


Version 8.0.5, the mod's sixfth and last 1.12 build

January 14, 2021


  • -Mosasaurus and Megalodon can now breach out of water to catch prey
  • -Diplodocus can now stand on hind legs to eat leaves
  • -Meganeura can now perch on walls, floors and ceilings
  • -Limited tar slime spawns to 6 per chunk
  • -Limited climbing time of dromeosaurs
  • -Improved herd AI
  • -Improved dinosaur CPU performance
  • -Improved dinosaur wandering and feeding ai

Bug fixes

  • -Fixed culture vats making water in the nether
  • -Fixed dinosaur over breeding
  • -Fixed structure spawning in dimensions they should not
  • -Fixed gallimimus server crash
  • -Fixed Chicken Essence consuming bucket
  • -Fixed cathermal mobs acting strange
  • -Fixed dinosaur untaming on relog
  • -
  • -

1.12.2, Build 8.0.4 - "The Morrison Update!"

Version 8.0.4, the mod's fifth 1.12 build, with two new creatures from the Morrison Formation!

April 2, 2020

New Content


  • -Culture Vat now requires Bio-Goo as fuel
  • -Culture Vat recipe now requires a slime ball to craft
  • -Culture Vat now renders unique embryo model for arthropods
  • -Bone Meal can be crafted from Volcanic Ash blocks
  • -Prehistoric plants can now spread using Bone Meal
  • -Removed animation of Dominican Amber item
  • -Prehistoric creatures no longer can be hurt from In-Wall damage
  • -Made newborn Arthropleura smaller
  • -Added take off animation for Pteranodon
  • -Pteranodon can now occasionally fish when flying above water
  • -Flying mobs now land more gracefully to sleep
  • -Made all dinosaur animations smoother
  • -Large predators are more brazen and will attack larger prey than themselves
  • -Large herbivores now cycle between attacking and fleeing when defending themselves
  • -Large dinosaurs turn slower now and are less likely to spin in circles
  • -Made Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus slower
  • -Increased large dinosaur render distance
  • -Amphibious mobs now move more freely from water to land and visa versa
  • -Dinosaurs can only break blocks when in a poor mood
  • -Decreased default spawn rate for academies, hell boats, and dig sites
  • -Updated Translations

Bug Fixes

  • -Fixed Tar Slime crashing game
  • -Fixed Llama cloning crash
  • -Fixed crash related to fish
  • -Fixed crash with Botania
  • -Fixed crash with Animania installed
  • -Fixed Ice and Fire cockatrice incompatibility
  • -Fixed F/A tar overriding Betweenlands Tar
  • -Fixed Craft Tweaker analyzer recipe removal not working
  • -Fixed tar slime server overload
  • -Fixed Scarab axe being unable to break shields
  • -Fixed tall dinosaurs not eating from feeders
  • -Fixed dinosaurs breaking feeders
  • -Fixed mobs constantly opening and closing their mouths
  • -Fixed herbivores gaining happiness when killing animals
  • -Fixed herbivores making eating noises when killing animals
  • -Fixed aquatic mobs moving to north constantly
  • -Fixed non-aquatics not being able to swim
  • -Fixed dromaeosaurs falling asleep while climbing
  • -Fixed mammals giving birth to adult prehistoric animals
  • -Fixed Tiktaalik not moving on land
  • -Fixed Spinosaurus spinning constantly
  • -Fixed Meganeura getting stuck in wall corners
  • -Fixed Deinonychus being unable to pouce
  • -Fixed Pteranodon being unable to deal damage
  • -Fixed Pteranodon not fighting back
  • -Fixed Henodus not playing with toys
  • -Fixed Citipati being an herbivore not an omnivore
  • -Fixed Velociraptor appearing under Dryosaurus when attacking
  • -Fixed female Parasaurolophus appearing with wrists when sleeping
  • -Fixed player model clipping into Allosaurus and Ankylosaurus when riding
  • -Fixed cultivating Sigillaria and Cordaites showing a dinosaur embryo in the Culture Vat
  • -Fixed getting revived saplings from the sifter
  • -Fixed trap doors being uncraftable
  • -Fixed any bucket being used to craft Tar Drops
  • -Fixed odd placement of tar bubble particles
  • -Fixed ball duplication glitch
  • -Fixed misspelling in “Research Time” advancement
  • -Fixed Dead Anu mob not spawning when boss is killed
  • -Fixed Anu falling into the void after flying
  • -Fixed dig sites and tar sites spawning on trees

1.12.2, Build 8.0.3 - "The Bug Update! (The Bupdate, if you will)"

Version 8.0.3, the mod's fourth 1.12 build, an update of working dinopedias, the 50th animal and many bugs (de-extinct and fixed!)

September 28, 2019

Content Changes

  • -Added Edaphosaurus, the Sail-backed reptiles of the Late Carboniferous and Early Permian!
  • -Added Arthropleura, a monstrous giant millipede from the Carboniferous
  • -Added Citipati, an oviraptorid dinosaur from the Cretaceous!
  • -Added the Sigillaria, an ancient Carboniferous tree-like plant, obtained from plant fossils
  • -Added the Cordaites, an ancient Carboniferous tree-like plant, obtained from plant fossils
  • -Added CraftTweaker support for Analyzer, Culture Vat, Sifter and Archeology Worktable
  • -Added config to make machines require RF Energy to function
  • -Added config to disable helmet overlays
  • -Added config to disable whipping of dinosaurs
  • -Added config to allow all mod’s trees to spawn in overworld
  • -Added advancements
  • -Added tar bubble particles
  • -Added new tar block texture
  • -Ridden prehistoric mobs can now jump
  • -Increased range of feeders
  • -Increased Tooth Dagger attack speed
  • -Added fossil ore spawn configs
  • -Added new herding AI
  • -Eating chicken soup now gives bucket back
  • -Dromaeosaurs will now do both a jump attack and a bite attack randomly
  • -Improved server side performance of Dinosaur AI

Bug Fixes (Crashes)

  • -Fixed a crash related to Horse Embryo
  • -Fixed using bonemeal on horsetails crashing the game
  • -Fixed crash when changing Quagga’s inventory
  • -Fixed comparator next to Culture Vat crashing game
  • -Fixed a crash related to music in Anu Dimension

Bug Fixes (Other)

  • -Fixed Dinopedia thinking every mob is pregnant
  • -Fixed Duisbergia plant having no localization
  • -Fixed Items with missing textures showing up in the Dinopedia
  • -Fixed dinosaurs not obeying doMobGreifing game rule
  • -Fixed nautiluses going in their shell around creative players
  • -Fixed Calamites slab not being craftable
  • -Fixed Culture Vat being clear underwater
  • -Fixed dino healing config not working
  • -Fixed Henodus model issue when sleeping
  • -Fixed dinosaurs sleeping when targeting prey
  • -Fixed dinosaurs breeding when config option turned to false
  • -Fixed Velociraptor going underground when attacking Pachycephalosaurus
  • -Fixed Plesiosaurus not having sounds
  • -Fixed Megalograptus leaving water frequently
  • -Fixed fish items disappearing from inventory
  • -Fixed some dinosaurs never growing their hitboxes
  • -Fixed turn speeds for some big dinosaurs
  • -Fixed fern seeds being analyzed from normal plant fossils instead of cultivated
  • -Fixed tar slimes freezing in air
  • -Fixed Smilodons losing their tails when sitting or sleeping
  • -Fixed Friendly Zombie Pigman not using the damage of a held item
  • -Fixed nautilus overproducing eggs
  • -Fixed balls getting stuck in corners
  • -Fixed gravestone blocks not being able to be broken in Anu Dimension
  • -Fixed Sarcosuchus never waking up
  • -Fixed DNA color tints being incorrect to the mod’s general style
  • -Fixed Archaeologist Villager not having a zombie texture
  • -Fixed male Tiktaalik not closing eyes when sleeping
  • -Fixed Friendly Zombie Pigman healing even at full health
  • -Fixed Meganeura not moving
  • -Fixed getSimpleName slowing down server performance
  • -Fixed hoppers not being able to shove fuel into Culture Vats
  • -Fixed inability to make charcoal from Fossil’s Logs
  • -Fixed music not stopping on Anu death
  • -Fixed music discs being unobtainable
  • -Fixed failure plant destroying some blocks
  • -Fixed some dinosaurs dealing ridiculous amounts of damage
  • -Fixed carnivores not eating dropped meat items
  • -Fixed tamed dinosaurs sleeping during fights
  • -Fixed hunger slowing down during sleep
  • -Fixed aquatic animal AI lag
  • -Fixed aquatic animals always heading north
  • -Fixed fossil model rotating being buggy
  • -Fixed Plesiosaurus being unable to attack
  • -Fixed Megaloceros being unable to attack
  • -Fixed Smilodons being passive
  • -Fixed tethered logs duping when broken
  • -Fixed ancient stone brick being uncraftable
  • -Fixed anubites teleporting away from fights and generally being buggy
  • -Fixed fossil dupe bug with Tinker’s Construct
  • -Fixed tamed Tyrannosaurus attacking their owners
  • -Fixed entering Anu Dimension causing players to plummet to their death

Internal Reworks

  • -Rewrite of Flock/Herd Code
  • -Rewrite of Dinosaur Growth Code
  • -Rewrite of Culture Vat/Analyzer recipes to allow other mods to add recipes for these machines
  • -Culture Vat/Analyzer now accepts RF or FE
  • -Rewrote Anubite AI
  • -Complete rewrite of dinosaur eating AI including feeders, blocks and items; now more similar to vanilla rabbits than the previous lag machines
  • -Rewrite of some Tyrannosaurus animation code
  • -Rewrite of Velociraptor and Deinonychus attack AI
  • -Rewrite of Dinosaur Move Helper
  • -Rewrite of Dinosaur Riding
  • -Rewrite of Anu Music code

The Golden Milestone

  • -F/A now has 50 Prehistoric Creatures!
  • -These include Nautilus, Coelacanth, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Pteranodon, Plesiosaurus, Mosasaurus, Stegosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Dodo, Mammoth, Smilodon, Spinosaurus, Compsognathus, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Deinonychus, Gallimimus, Liopleurodon, Quagga, Gastornis, Keleken, Phorusrhacos, Titanis, Allosaurus, Elasmotherium, Sarcosuchus, Ceratosaurus, Confuciusornis, Alligator Gar, Sturgeon, Dryosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Henodus, Ichthyosaurus, Megaloceros, Meganeura, Megalania, Megalograptus, Megalodon, Platybelodon, Tiktaalik, Diplocaulus, Crassigyrinus, Arthropleura, Edaphosaurus and our golden Citipati!

1.12.2, Build 8.0.2 - "The Salamander Update!"

The banner of 8.0.2, the mod's third 1.12 build, and the update that fixed the broken servers.

July 4, 2019

New content:

  • -Added Crassigyrinus, a large eel-like amphibian from the early Carboniferous period
  • -Added Diplocaulus, a boomerang-headed amphibian from the Carboniferous and Permian


  • -Decreased Tiktaalik size slightly
  • -Increased default rarity of Aztec structures and dig sites
  • -Vastly decreased the amount of CPU usage of dinosaurs
  • -Added dinosaurUpdateTick config option to deal with dinosaur-caused lag
  • -Added Pregnancy Time config option to make births much faster
  • -Friendly zombie pigmen now registered as undead mobs

Bug fixes:

  • -Fixed server crash on startup
  • -Fixed Foozia misnomered as Paleopanax
  • -Fixed analyzer, sifter and culture vat not working after several uses
  • -Fixed Platybelodon embryos creating baby pigs
  • -Fixed crash on opening Ancient Chest
  • -Fixed Calamites blocks not being craftable
  • -Fixed Calimites sapling not cultivating
  • -Fixed tar slimes spawning on peaceful mode
  • -Fixed Tiktaalik being very aggressive
  • -Fixed mushrooms not accepted as culture vat fuel
  • -Fixed dinopedia not showing progress for vanilla or Animania mobs
  • -Fixed Spinosaurus leg detaching during sleep
  • -Fixed tips of Palaeoraphe trees despawning
  • -Fixed fully aquatic mobs moving on ground
  • -Fixed structures spawning on trees
  • -Fixed structures spawning underwater
  • -Fixed Meganeura not being able to attack
  • -FIxed quark chickens being immune to Meganeura attacks
  • -Fixed Meganeura not being able to move after colliding into a tree
  • -Fixed analyzer recipe not accepting all bio-fossils
  • -Fixed Kelenken not being rideable
  • -Fixed dinosaur mood not affected by hunger
  • -Fixed baby Elasmotherium having a horn
  • -Fixed battle music not playing when fighting Anu
  • -Fixed dinopedia typos
  • -Fixed Plesiosaurus having ungodly amount of damage
  • -Fixed fossil block having iced stone texture
  • -Fixed sarcophagus block rendering backwards in inventory
  • -Fixed only 1 bonemeal being made from a skull block

1.12.2, Build 8.0.1 - "The 'Swamp' Update (Sorry, we've been swamped!)"

The banner for 8.0.1, the mod's second 1.12 build, and the first official "Brymbo" update.

June 7, 2019

Content Changes

Bug Fixes (Crashes)

Bug Fixes (other)

  • -Fixed nocturnal animals always sleeping and diurnal animals never sleeping
  • -Fixed mobs struggling to eat and attack
  • -Fixed baby mobs volume being too high
  • -Fixed egg status showing warm when it is cold
  • -Fixed Ceratosaurus’ horn rotating when it sits down
  • -Fixed Velociraptors’ snouts clipping through their heads when they sleep
  • -Fixed Nautilus moving when closed in its shell
  • -Fixed climbing dromaeosaurs suffocating in roofs
  • -Fixed Anu’s wither skeletons not using bows
  • -Fixed sentry pigmen not spawning at Anu’s castle
  • -Fixed players teleporting outside of the room after killing Anu
  • -Fixed dense sand being breakable by mobs
  • -Fixed female Triceratops growing quills when it sleeps
  • -Fixed mobs breeding when breeding is set to false
  • -FIxed tall plants dropping two copies of itself
  • -Fixed fences connecting to artifacts
  • -Fixed dig sites spawning in trees
  • -Fixed Tinkers Construct Typo Issue

Internal Reworks

  • -Changed config system completely, PLEASE DELETE YOUR CONFIG FILE
  • -Added config options for tar slime and living fossil spawning
  • -Added config option to set where the player is sent after looting the Room
  • -Moved analyzer, culture vat, sifter and archeology workbench to the item handler system
  • -Rework of analyzer, sifter, culture vat and archeology workbench recipes
  • -Improved herd/flock code so it is less laggy
  • -Some slight performance improvements

Known Bugs

  • -Not all translations show up
  • -Fish items disappear from inventories

1.12.2, Build 8.0.0 - "The Mega-Port Update (Mort, if you will)"

8.0.0, the first build of the mod in 1.12.2

February 10, 2019

This update is NOT compatible with 1.7.10 saves and requires LLibrary 1.7.17.

All previous update notes still apply. See updates listed below for details.


1.7.10, Build 7.3.2 - "The Sea Bug Fix Update"

Update banner

August 7, 2016


  • Added Ichthyosaurus, a small sea reptile from the Jurassic
  • Added Henodus, a small turtle relative from the Triassic
  • Fixed Therizinosaurus skeleton breathing
  • Fixed skeletons growing
  • Skeletons should jitter less
  • Reduced frequency nearby plants affect mood
  • Added more food in the oreDictionary (Forestry, Binnie’s Mods Project Zulu support), courtesy of Sunconure
  • Aquatics no more randomly lay eggs that crash the game
  • Cooking nautilus no longer crashes the game
  • Edited feeder GUI texture
  • Fix weird elasmotherium animations
  • Herbivores can eat lilypads
  • Fix tiny spinosaurus in dinopedia
  • Some recipes use OreDictionary wood and crafting tables.
  • Food in dinopedia now shows metadata.
  • Fixed birds and aquatic dinosaurs always spawning as female.
  • Fixed occasional crash when putting herd dinosaurs on a lead
  • Added sleeping particles
  • Fixed Confuciusornis not being a piscivore
  • Fixed Confuciusornis and Pteranodon not attacking
  • Chicken essence no longer sets owner without actually taming it.
  • Fixed chicken essence being consumable by players
  • Fixed sifters not consuming input
  • added megalodon
  • removed megalodon

1.7.10, Build 7.3.1 - "The Dinosaur Bug Fix Update"

Update banner

July 17, 2016

This is mostly a bug fix update. Although many common crashes after the last update were people not using the right LLibrary version, we resolve all the issues reported to us between release and now, and as a result should be more stable.

In other news, LLibrary has also updated, and we highly recommend updating that mod as well along with Fossils and Archeology. Check out the “Downloads and Installation” section for download links.

If you haven’t updated from 7.2.x yet, these important upgrade notes still apply.

Important Upgrade Notes

Like always, be sure to back up your world before updating!


  • Due to the amount of changes in this update, there were a few unavoidable changes that happened.
  • Custom textures for dinosaurs may be broken after updating from 7.2.x.


  • Most plant blocks and items
  • Anubite statue and item
  • All figurines and vase blocks/items
  • Fossil Record "Awakening"
  • All terror bird items (cultivated/non-cultivated eggs, meat, DNA)
  • All tyrannosaurus items (eggs, DNA, meat)
  • Confuciusornis meats
  • Nautilus meat
  • Dodo meats
  • Quagga meats
  • Petrified Palaeoraphe sapling items
  • All dinosaurs have been reset to 0 days old and are babies.
  • All Tyrannosaurus mobs will disappear
  • Dinosaur eggs that are on the ground hatching may or may not be another dinosaur when you update (In one case pachy eggs turned into hatching spinosaurus eggs after updating)



  • Added Dryosaurus, a small herbivorous dinosaur!
  • Added Therizinosaurus, a large herbivorous dinosaur!
  • Added Parasaurolophus, a large herbivorous dinosaur!
  • Added OreDictionary foods from other mods; courtesy of Sunconure.


  • Triceratops is smaller and more realistically sized.


  • Config settings are respected.
  • Fixed tethered logs not playing animation.
  • Fixed missing sleeping dilophosaurus baby texture.
  • Fixed Pteranodon model messing up when opening mouth.
  • Fix biofossils despawning via suffocating.
  • Fix weird generation of hell boats.
  • Fixed male dinosaurs laying eggs.
  • Fix dinosaurs attacking players on peaceful.
  • Fix feeder not being craftable.
  • Fix mosasaur not holding nautilus correctly.
  • Fix missing phorusrhacos dinopedia.
  • Fix pteranodon not playing flying animation in air.
  • Fix analyzer not interacting with hoppers.
  • Fix some inaccuracies with animations and dinopedias.
  • Fix Aquatic animals getting stuck on the sea floor.
  • Fix Vanilla DNA’s not working in the Culture Vat.
  • Fix Archeology Workbench not mineable with axe.
  • Fix Staying Dinos despawning.
  • Fix sarcosuchus sleeping too often.
  • Fix wrong items for achievements issue.
  • Fix nautilus dropping multiple shells.
  • Fix Gallimimus having big knockback.
  • Fix Allosaurus being hurt by rider.
  • Fixed pigmen duplicating.
  • Fix Dinopedia crash on pregnant animals.
  • Fix plesiosaurus following crash.
  • Slowed down sea reptiles on land


  • Prehistoric herbivores now eat blocks closest to their head.
  • Made aquatics easier to ride.
  • Dinosaur Eggs return DNA in the Analyzer.
  • Sifter outputs are stackable.


1.7.10, Build 7.3 - "The Dinosaur Renaissance Update"

Update banner

July 10, 2016

It’s finally here! Version 7.3 of the Fossils and Archeology Revival mod is out with many changes. If you are planning on upgrading from a previous Fossils and Archeology version, please make sure to read the “Important Upgrade Notes” section. The most notable thing about 7.3 is the complete overhaul of almost all prehistoric models and textures. The feathered and quilled models are enabled by default now, but we have also redone the scaled textures for players who prefer less realism. Another important change are the disappearance of the dinosaur sub-type textures. These have been superseded by the addition of genders, with the male and females having different textures.

Another addition are improved animations. New animations include attacks, sleeping, sitting, flying, general living animations as well as being able to smoothly transition between them. These animations really help the dinosaurs feel more alive, and we felt improved the overall experience of dinosaurs in Fossils Revival and helps the player become more immersed in the experience. No doubt there will be more animations added in later updates.

Continuing with adding more immersive gameplay, almost all prehistoric creatures now have moods. All five of the current moods are, in descending order: Happy, Content, Calm, Sad, and Angry. A creature’s mood will affect their interaction. If they are calm, it will not attack unless hungry. If they are happy or content it will not attack unless provoked. If it is angry or sad, it will attack on sight.

To improve your prehistoric’s mood, we have introduced several toys in this update you can create for them to play with. Feeding them and keeping them well fed will also increase their moods. A prehistoric’s mood can also raise or lower depending on how many of their species are around and if their environment has any natural greenery--so keep those in mind when building enclosures. Some prehistorics can no longer be tamed by food offerings, but the whip can now be used to tame a wild dinosaur; however most creatures get angry when subjected to this method. Moods and temperament are still in progress and will be expanded in later updates.

A new item added are Tar Fossils. Tar Fossils can be obtained from tar droplets, which come from either killing the new Tar Slimes, or gathering tar in a bucket. Once a player has Tar Drops, they can analyze them for rare Tar Fossils. These act similar to Bio-Fossils, but are from cenozoic animals. Players can also place them as skeleton displays just like Bio-Fossils.

Another question we’re already being asked, is what’s next? Our plans after this update is to start a port of 7.3 and move directly to Minecraft 1.10 as we transition 1.7.10 to maintenance only before stopping 1.7.10 support all together.

There are many more changes in this update, we highly recommend checking out the changelog for a complete look!

Important Upgrade Notes

Like always, be sure to back up your world before updating!


  • Due to the amount of changes in this update, there were a few unavoidable changes that happened.
  • Custom textures for dinosaurs may be broken after this update, since many went through texture revisions.


  • Most plant blocks and items
  • Anubite statue and item
  • All figurines and vase blocks/items
  • Fossil Record "Awakening"
  • All terror bird items (cultivated/non-cultivated eggs, meat, DNA)
  • All tyrannosaurus items (eggs, DNA, meat)
  • Confuciusornis meats
  • Nautilus meat
  • Dodo meats
  • Quagga meats
  • Petrified Palaeoraphe sapling items
  • All dinosaurs have been reset to 0 days old and are babies.
  • All Tyrannosaurus mobs will disappear
  • Dinosaur eggs that are on the ground hatching may or may not be another dinosaur when you update (In one case pachy eggs turned into hatching spinosaurus eggs after updating).



  • Fossils and Archeology now requires LLibrary. Please download 1.4.0 here(insert link).


  • Added Sturgeon, a medium fish mob that spawns in rivers.
  • Added Alligator Gar, a medium fish mob that spawns in swamps.
  • Added Tar Slimes! Watch out for their suffocation attack!
  • Added Tempskya plant, by tyranno66.
  • Added Florissantia plant, by tyranno66.
  • Added Ephedra plant, by tyranno66.
  • Added Vaccinium plant, by totemaster.
  • Added Osmunda fern, by totemaster.
  • Added Crataegus plant, by totemaster.
  • Added more OreDictionary registries thanks to Sunconure11.
  • Added Discovering the Past record by Nanotyranno.
  • Added Legend of the Scarab record by Nanotyranno.
  • Added config for dinosaurs to lay eggs like birds.
  • Added config options for all the fishes’ spawning
  • Added configurable parallax menu!


  • New Model for Gallimimus.
  • New Model for Plesiosaurus.
  • New Model for Velociraptor.
  • New Model for Deinonychus.
  • New Model for Liopleurodon.
  • New Model for Triceratops.
  • Tyrannosaurus babies are significantly smaller.
  • Temporarily removed albino mammals, will make a reappearance though.
  • Almost all dinosaurs and mammals have new, more realistic textures.
  • Dodo now has a baby texture.
  • Dinosaur eggs have all new textures.
  • Dinosaur eggs are all different sizes.
  • New Dinopedia texture, much larger than before.
  • Tweaks on all models.


  • New Velociraptor sounds by totemaster.
  • New Ceratosaurus sounds by totemaster.
  • Dinosaur skeletons make noises when grown or destroyed.


  • All dinosaurs and mammals now have improved idling animations now.
  • Most dinosaurs and mammals have attack animations now.
  • Mammals and dinosaurs can now sit down in an idle fashion.
  • Dinosaur eggs shake and make particles when they hatch.
  • When mammals and dinosaurs make sounds they open their mouths.


  • New AI system.
  • Prehistoric mammals now work just like dinosaurs, with hunger, gender, etc.
  • Most prehistoric creatures will now sleep at day or night depending on if they are nocturnal or diurnal.
  • Aquatic Reptiles swim faster and more erratically.
  • Herding AI has been added to Gallimimus.
  • Dinosaurs can now eat Zombies. Probably not healthy…
  • Plesiosaurus now fish for Salmon, Pufferfish, and Clownfish, along with normal fish.
  • Nautilus now swim less-buggy.
  • Nautilus swim backwards now.
  • Nautilus go in shells when players or predators are close. Pry it out using flint!
  • Failuresaurus: improved AI, animations, and is faster.


  • Using a whip now tames dinosaurs at the cost of their happiness.
  • Mosasaurus is tameable with the Aquatic Scarab Gem.
  • Spinosaurus is tameable with the Aquatic Scarab Gem.
  • Dinosaur skeletons drop the amount of bones used on them.
  • Dinosaur bones can be analyzed for dna or bonemeal returns.
  • Dinosaur eggs can be cooked into omelets.
  • Striking pigs with the ancient sword now creates fully functional pig servants.
  • The dinopedia has been redone and shows more information along with a render of the mob.
  • More tooltips in Dinopedia.
  • Dinosaurs and mammals now have a happiness stat that will change their behavior.
  • Dinosaurs and mammals’ happiness can be changed through environmental factors like population density or lack of vegetation.
  • Toys such as balls have been added to improve mob enrichment.
  • Genders have been added for almost all prehistoric
  • Mammoths now get sickness if they have all their wool and are in a hot environment.
  • Mammoths can now get sickness in non-vanilla hot biomes.
  • All fish have spawn that can be cultivated.
  • All fish can be cooked now.
  • Tar Slimes spawn in tar.
  • Tar is now a liquid.
  • Tar can be bucketed and turned into tar droplets in the crafting grid!
  • Tar fossils can be obtained from analyzing tar droplets!
  • Tar fossils can be placed to make Cenozoic skeletons!


  • Complete code overhaul.
  • Fixed issue with Morph Mod where dinosaur-morphs had low health.
  • Creative Tabs have been redone, there are now only two tabs for the mod: Items and Blocks.
  • Fossils Food API now exists for mods that want to let F/A mobs eat their mod’s foods.
  • Removed fictitious coelacanth subtypes (replaced by gar and sturgeon).
  • Palaeoraphe Tree leaves do not despawn randomly.
  • Analyzer outcomes now stack.
  • Anu portal blocks are no longer breakable.
  • Treasure room portal blocks are no longer breakable.
  • Plesiosaur is now Plesiosaurus, and it’s much smaller.


  • Weapons shops make a reappearance with Aztec Weapon Shops! Built by robberto.
  • See a strange monument rarely at beaches, the Moai Statue!
  • Find extra fossils with the fossil dig site.
  • Find sticky tar pits at the tar site.
  • Anu’s Castle base blends into the island now.
  • Iced stone now generates around permafrost!
  • Fixed Nether biomes generating in overworld.

1.7.10, Build 7.2.1 - "The Despot's Bug Fix Update"

June 13th, 2015

In this update we've fixed several bugs introduced in 7.2. One of the complaints we've heard about the last update was how vague it was to get to Anu. Some of the stone tablets, pictured in this update's banner, have been updated that will hopefully make it more clear what you need to do. We also fixed a nasty item duplication bug and added a few other changes. On a different note, iLexiconn has graciously offered to help out with Fossils and Archeology, and has already helped us clean up the code quite a bit!


  • Fixed The Darkness dimension not registering correctly
  • Fixed issue where clients would crash on join after leaving while in Anu's dimension
  • Fixed item duplication bugs found in several F/A blocks
  • Dilophosaurus now have a fuzz skin, enabled by default
  • New start screen background, disable-able in the config
  • Updated pt_BR language file thanks to SteveOriginal
  • Lycopodiophyta plant seeds are now obtainable
  • Fixed texture issue with the Ceratosaurus
  • Fixed Failure Plant being able to break bedrock

1.7.10, Build 7.2 - "The 'Ancient Kings' Update"

June 6th, 2015


  • Block/Item changes:
    • Added new Stone Tablets
    • Fixed bug with Stone Tablets not rendering when looked at
    • Skulls and Skull Lanterns now render their faces when in the inventory
    • Ancient Glass now has a connected texture
    • Fixed Time Machine texture floating 2 pixels
    • Fixed bug where stone tablets would not render beyond their hitbox
    • New stone tablet designs which give insight to new features
    • Added Reinforced Glass
    • Removed chicken embryo
    • Added Cultivated Chicken Egg
    • Cultivating chicken DNA now gives cultivated chicken DNA
    • Reworked Achievements
    • Added Anubite Statue, dont get within 5 blocks of it in survival!
    • Ancient Helmet and skull helmet now has a blur effect similar to a pumpkin
    • Ancient Helmet now has a 3D model, not just a flat texture
    • Certain wooden blocks in the mod are now flammable
    • Fixed issue with Hardcore End Expansion
    • Re-implemented the Tooth Dagger
    • Culture Vats are now Transparent
    • Culture Vats now render an embryo of the creature they are cultivating
  • Animal changes:
    • Fixed Pteranodon not growing
    • Fixed bug where texture would flicker on pteranodon’s beak
    • Pteranodon’s head now rotates
    • Fixed pteranodon and it’s items being named “Pterosaur”
    • Added a white Smilodon subspecies, a 1 in 5 chance from cloning and a 1 in 20 chance from breeding!
    • Reworked Dilophosaurus model thanks to Raptorfarian
    • Removed dark green dilophosaurus subspecies, replaced with a desert subspecies
    • Fixed bug with Dodo head being on one side
    • Fixed bug with dodo floating 2 pixels high
    • Fixed texture seams on Velociraptor tails
    • Added Confuciusornis courtesy of Tyranno66
    • Large dinosaurs can now break blocks again, but only when hungry; they will break anything weaker than iron, excluding reinforced and ancient glass
    • Added Failuresaurus Flesh; place it in an Analyzer for a chance to get any random DNA
    • Failuresaurus no longer drop Bio-fossils and now drop failuresaurus flesh
    • Changed Coelacanth DNA’s texture
    • Fixed fly particles from replacing all other particle textures
    • New model for Mammoth thanks to Bluestreak52
    • 2 new subtypes for Mammoths: a dark brown subtype and an all-white one
    • Added Ceratosaurus courtesy of Bluestreak52
    • Fixed Sarcosuchus not eating certain animals
    • Fixed sarcosuchus not hatching with the correct subspecies
    • Fixed sarcosuchus not being growable with Chicken Essence
    • Fixed dodo acting jumpy
    • Reworked Tyrannosaurus model thanks to Bluestreak52
    • New sounds for Deinonychus thanks to Raptorfarian
    • Feathers config is on by default
    • Feather config is now renamed to scales config
    • Iron Golems no longer attack prehistoric aquatic reptiles
    • Reduced sarcosuchus hitbox size
    • Reworked Triceratops model thanks to Bluestreak52
    • Triceratops now has quills (configurable)!
  • Plant changes:
    • Removed Fern Seeds from being obtainable from bio-fossils, try analyzing Plant Fossils instead!
    • Petrified Palaeoraphe Sapling now replaces the old plant fossil, it can be cultivated to get a Palaeoraphe Tree
    • Fossilized Seeds & Spores can be obtained from analyzing plant fossils, and can be cultivated to get Seeds & Spores
    • Plant seeds/spores can be placed to create a plant
    • Dillhoffia and Sarracenia can no longer be obtained via the Sifter
    • Plant Fossils now drop from Fossil blocks
    • Changed fern seed’s creative tab to Ancient Materials
    • Changed fern seed’s name to fern spore
    • Fixed fern block being called “”
    • Removed fern block from Decorations creative tab
    • Ferns can be placed on dirt and podzol
    • Ferns now have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping fern spores when destroyed
    • The color of ferns is now dependent on its biome, similar to vanilla leaves or grass
    • Changed the spelling of “Sarracina” to “Sarracenia”
    • Sarracenia is now two blocks tall
    • Sarracenia now has a more realistic texture
    • Added Cephalotaxus plant
    • Added Lycopodiophyta plant
    • Added Foozia plant
    • Added Zamites plant
    • Added Bennettitales plant
    • Added Welwitschia plant
    • Added Horsetail plant
    • Added Failure Plant
    • Added plant seeds and fossilized plant seeds for multiple plants
  • Nether Changes:
    • New world gen: Hell Boats! Find them in lava seas
    • Added new block: Mysterious Idol
    • Something long anticipated, but we rather not spoil it!
    • Anu spawns naturally now
  • Localization Changes:
    • Pirate translation added by Bluestreak52
    • Korean translation updated by lalaladinosaur
    • zh_CN localizations updated by oldjunyi
  • Structure Changes:
    • New structure by Robberto08

1.7.10, Build 7.1 - "The Flappy Pteranodon Update!"

April 4th, 2015

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since the last update and I just want to say thank you all for your patience! Thanks to the amazing contributions of a few people in the past few months including Wasianish, Rydog and JTGHawk, and Alexthe666, the mod has been able to move forward on the programming side of things and get updates rolling again.

Massive thanks to Alexthe666 for deciding to join the core Fossils and Archeology: Revival team. Expect to see a lot more coming from Alexthe666! He's done an amazing job so far so everyone make sure to let him know how much you appreciate it!

Change log:

  • Prevent server crash if Elasmotherium is riding a boat or minecart
  • Added mammoth meat
  • Various meat item texture improvements thanks to Sunconure11
  • Added Dillhoffia
  • Added Aquatic Scarab Gem
  • Added Dominican Amber, get it by using a Sifter
  • Added Sarcosuchus
  • Added cute sarcosuchus sounds, making it 12% more intimidating
  • Ancient Ferns now grow under any type of leaf block
  • Fixed blue skins not showing up correctly for Gallimimus and Velociraptor
  • Reworked Brachiosaurus model, thanks to Raptorfarian
  • "Pterosaur" is now Pteranodon
  • Reworked pteranodon model, thanks to Bluestreak52 and Raptorfarian
  • More pteranodon subspecies, including Nether and arctic variants
  • Pteranodon now is a realistic size
  • Pteranodon is now 12% more intimidating
  • Pteranodon now fly on their own
  • Various animation improvements by Alexthe666
  • Animations are 12% more intimidating
  • Tweaked eating AI code
  • New block: Failuresaurus Trails
  • Added developer capes, making developers 12% more intimidating
  • Compsognathus egg 50% smaller
  • Failuresaurus Changes:
    • No longer burn in daylight
    • Failuresaurus now climb walls
    • Failuresaurus now 12% more intimidating
    • Fixed hitbox size
    • Now leave failuresaurus trails wherever they go
    • Failuresaurus no longer despawn
    • Failuresaurus is now leashable
  • Anu Changes:
    • Fixed crash when you attack him when he has pig zombies under his control
    • Added more dialogue
    • Now 12% more intimidating
  • Localizations:
    • Added Korean translation, thanks to utoc123 and dy126800
    • Added Portuguese translation, thanks to Al-Myr

Also to Nanotyrano who will be supplying us with some awesome music in the coming updates! We've heard bits and pieces of what he's working on and we are excited to let you guys listen to them when they're done.

Also, I am also announcing I'm officially standing down from actively working on this mod. It mostly came down to I have a professional career I need to work at and unfortunately trying to program on this mod did not help in that regard. That said, I am still involved with the F/A team. -4f6f3b

1.7.2, 1.7.10, Build 7.0.1

November 16th, 2014

Build 7.0.1 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 is released. If you are updating from 1.6.4, be sure to run version 6.4.1 or you will lose all mod items. This is a minor update, addressing several bugs.

Change log:

1.7.2, 1.7.10, Build 7.0 "The Unicorn Update!"

'October 11th 2014

You may have also noticed there are no 7.0 builds for Minecraft 1.6.4 and that's because we are done making new things for that build! It is a lot of work trying to maintain multiple versions of the mod and it is better off to continue moving forward.


  • Fixed issue where dinosaurs would lose AI after dismounting
  • Allosaurus now take fall damage
  • Added Elasmotherium
  • Added Temple
  • Fixed Pachycephalosaurus not raising their heads after headbutting
  • Fixed Triceratops back legs floating
  • Added French localization, thanks to user LeGribouilleur
  • Fixed dinosaurs coming off "stay" when owner logs off

1.6.4, 1.7.2 1.7.10, Build 6.4.1

October 5th, 2014

Build 6.4.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4 is out. This update essentially is so updating to 1.7 will go without a hitch. If you are updating to 1.7 from 1.6.4, you will need to run this at least once so items don't disappear.


  • Added in item registries so updating from 1.6.4 to 1.7 won't remove all mod items.
  • Allosaurus now receive fall damage
  • Fixed crash when attacking baby Dilophosaurus
  • Fixed issue where dinosaurs would lose AI after dismounting
  • Fixed Pachycephalosaurus not raising their heads after headbutting

1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.10, Build 6.4 "Feathers and Theropods!"

September 1, 2014

6.4 is now released. This update is primarily to fix a client crash regarding rendering dinosaur bones items. Along with this are more changes to dinosaur models and the addition of the Allosaurus.


1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.10, Build 6.3.2 "Birds of Terror Update!"

August 20, 2014

6.3.2 is released. Such an incredibly short change log this time! Some changes were made to the eat code, so dinosaurs should be more likely to search for items and blocks on the ground. Also are the usual caveat for 1.7 builds. While I believe they're pretty stable at this point, be careful to backup any worlds before using them.


  • Added Terror Birds with Gastornis, Phorusrhacos, Titanis, and Kelenken species
  • Tiny sliver of a chance of a Zombie/Skeleton horse can only be acquired from inserting a horse embryo into a horse
  • Tweaked speed of water dinosaurs when finding food
  • Fixed Fossil Model Triceratops moving
  • Various other texture tweaks
  • Various other model tweaks
  • Various other language tweaks

1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.10 Build 6.3.1

August 14, 2014

While in the previous update we released versions for both 1.7.2 and 1.7.10, and while the downloads for 1.7 versions have completely surpassed the 1.6.4 stable build, there have been... hardly any bug reports. Which is pretty surprising given the amount of downloads they received. SO. Because of that, the 1.7 6.3.1 builds are labeled as BETA again. Are these safe to use? Probably. Just be sure to back up worlds before updating.

When updating the 1.6.4 build, you may encounter a lot of what look like errors when entering an older world. This should be old news, the errors can most likely be ignored.

There are new config options. The most useful ones are the config to control if dinosaurs breed. If it's off, they won't produce eggs on their own. Another is being able to turn off the ability to aquire archeology/paleontology enchantments from the enchantment table. We are aware that in most cases these two enchantments are unwanted, since they are very mod specific and especially when playing with large mod packs it may be down right useless. Server owners/single player worlds can disable and re-enable them at any time.

And a final note, we've made the decision to start shifting towards making 1.7 stable, and unofficially dropping support of 1.6.4. What this means is any new major features will probably not happen to Minecraft 1.6.4 versions of the mod, but if there are fixes to increase performance etc., the 1.6.4 version will still receive those until 1.7 is fully supported.


  • Structure gen re-added, immense thanks to Roomon1
  • Added Volcanic Slab and Volcanic Stair recipes
  • Added ru_RU.lang, thanks to Adaptivity
  • Added different Spinosaurus sounds
  • Fixed Feeder texture facing the wrong way
  • Fixed Tyrannosaurus food list to properly include Gallimimus mobs
  • Restricted archeology/paleontology Enchantments to pickaxes
  • Added config option to disable dinosaur breeding
  • Added enchantments to ID config
  • Added server/single player config to turn off receiving enchants from enchantment table
  • Merged "Combat" and "Armor" tabs into "Ancient Equipment"
  • Added "Dinosaur Bones" creative tab
  • Modified current dinosaur skulls/feet/leg bones to support specific dinosaurs
  • Added vertebrae/rib cage dinosaur bones
  • Removed "claw" item, now replaced with special dinosaur drops
  • Feet bone armor recipe changed to only allow "claw" and "talon" specific items
  • Added "fossilOre", and dinosaur specific groups to the OreDictionary
  • Fixed vase texture
  • Updated Triceratops model, thanks to Bluestreak
  • Added ability to nudge placed dinosaur Fossil Models by sneaking+right clicking
  • Swapped Velociraptor and Deinonychus health
  • Added feather textured variants on Tyrannosaurus, Gallimimus, and Deinonychus thanks to Raptorfarian
  • Added config option to toggle the feathered textures per dinosaur
  • Using a dinosaur Spawn Egg over a dinosaur will create a baby
  • Updated Pachycephalosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Compsognathus models thanks to Raptorfarian
  • Added localized flavor text to the third page Dinopedia for all mod mobs thanks to Bluestreak
  • Dinosaur Eat/Hunt code will not run if Dinosaur_Starve is set to false. This may increase performance since if dinosaurs don't get hungry there's no need to run code to find food. Players can still hand feed tamed dinosaurs.
  • Temporarily disabled feeder finding from water based mod mobs while I address severe performance issues
  • Tweaked eating AI in an attempt to address observed overworking the CPU. This will be a continuing work in progress.
  • Bones entity will attack players, thanks to darthvader45
  • Fixed leather not analyzing; can produce cow or horse DNA.
  • Completely reworked embryo code. Instead of creating a new entity it will use the exact same entity the Embryo is applied to.
  • Added particle effect when embryo is accepted into an animal
  • Tiny sliver of a chance of a Zombie/Skeleton horse can only be acquired from inserting a horse embryo into a horse
  • Tweaked speed of water dinosaurs when finding food
  • Fixed Fossil Model Triceratops moving
  • Various other texture tweaks
  • Various other model tweaks
  • Various other language tweaks

1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.10 Build 6.3 "Sea Monsters and Zebras!"

July 27, 2014

6.3 is out! New beta builds for Minecraft 1.7! There are some important changes in this release. Please read the entire changelog and additional notes before downloading!

Regarding the 1.7.2 and 1.7.10 builds. Those builds are labeled as BETA. There may be some features missing than in the 1.6.4 builds. Most notably, there are currently no structure spawns in the 1.7 builds! Please if you are going to use them make sure to back up your world files, these builds have not been tested extensively and may be buggier than usual. We have a new repository set up for the 1.7 builds, please post issues you find here in the Github tracker at the home page.

Also when updating the 1.6.4 build, it's probably best to clear the config file and let it generate from scratch. You'll also probably see a lot of scary id mismatch warnings. Through my tests that didn't have any issues loading previous worlds, but just to be safe, back up your world before updating. :D


  • Added Volcanic Stair and Volcanic Slab
  • Added several types of vases along with dye variants, models/textures by Tyranno66
  • Added Liopleurodon, model by Raptorfarian and Bluestreak
  • Added liopleurodon Fossil Model, by Bluestreak
  • Added Quagga
  • Added Tyrannosaurus Fossil Model, by Tyranno66
  • Added cs_CZ translation, by Cronosus
  • Added Failuresaurus skin variants
  • Added horse syringes
  • Added Paleontology (I-III) enchantments
    • Paleontology enchantment will increase bio-fossil drop chance to 70/80/90% respectively
    • Paleontology enchantment will increase Iced Meat drop chance to 50/70/90% respectively
  • Added Archeology (I-III) enchantments
    • Archeology enchantment will increase relic scrap drop chance to 50/70/90% respectively
    • Archeology enchantment III will increase scarab gem drop chance
  • Removed guaranteed fossil drop; instead it's been replaced with new enchantments
  • Fixed issue with coelacanth/nautilus not spawning (accidentally removed in 6.2.3)
  • Fixed issue where Pteranodon Fossil Model made noises
  • Fixed bug where could be tamed before being an adult
  • Fixed bug where Compsognathus wouldn't swim
  • Dodo eggs can be used in cake recipies
  • Items can now be shift clicked into Feeders
  • Feeders now work with hoppers (Place hopper on left/right side of feeder depending on meat/vegi)
  • Fixed strength of Skull Armor since it made players near invincible
  • Enabled Anu Achievements
  • Replaced tyrannosaurus model, by Bluestreak
  • Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus cannot be hurt by bare hands
  • You can no longer feed wild Mosasaurus from your hand (You can still throw the food at them)
  • Dinopedia now works with Nautilus
  • Dinopedia format for dodos fixed
  • Sifters now drop Bio-Fossil instead of DNA
  • Anu can be placed through spawn egg (Note: Anu is not complete yet and cannot be spawned naturally in game)
  • Added config to control if Anu can be spawned at all
  • Changed Dilophosaurus hurt sound
  • Tweaked tyrannosauurs roar
  • Tweaked DNA analyzer rate
  • Ancient wood plates work on half slabs now
  • Fixed Triceratops mount location in wrong place
  • Fixed issue where player would dismount when riding Plesiosaur in water
  • Added plesiosaur animations
  • Players can now dive and surface while riding the plesiosaur
  • Cultivator texture now animates with a pulse effect when active
  • Updated various textures
  • Localization fixes

1.6.4 Build 6.2.3 Released

July 16, 2014

Changelog -

  • Fixed infrequent crash caused by water dinosaur AI.
  • Fixed issue with crafting the wrong Feeder state, resulting in lost food when initially placed.
  • Fixed several display inventory names
  • Fixed ancient sword durability decreasing while in creative
  • Gallimimus will try to avoid being stepped on by Brachiosaurs.
  • Increased bio fossil drop chance on Fossil Blocks
  • Fossil Blocks guarantee at least 1 bio fossil drop
  • Fixed various models
  • Added a new mosasaur model
  • Added second mosasaur skin variant
  • Changed rider heights on several dinosaurs
  • Coelacanth and Nautilus show "No Despawn" in dinopedia if they won't despawn
  • Gallimimus should now eat from feeders
  • Fixed Mosasaur playing wrong sound outside of water
  • Changed water dinosaur AI to be more lively
  • Mosasaur now eat from feeders and hunt plesiosaurs, cows, squid, and nautilus properly
  • Gallimimus now eat seeds and melon seeds
  • Tweaked loot on shipwrecks to be a little better
  • Tweaked loot on first floor Academies to give less amounts of rare loot
  • Slightly increased chance of DNA from Analyzers
  • Fixed Cultivated Dodo Eggs not coming from cultivators
  • Hoppers may only be used on the top and bottom of sifters
  • Fixed broken character on achievement page
  • Names of dinosaurs when killed by on a server should show up correctly now

6.2.3 is released. What happened to 6.2.1? I got carried away. What happened to 6.2.3? I'm pretty bad. The main point of this release is to address a fatal crash experienced infrequently in worlds, that has to do with mosasaurs and plesiosaurs. That was technically 6.2.1, beyond that there are a few more changes and fixes but no new content. I encourage you to read the entire changelog.

1.6.4 Build 6.2 Released

July 1, 2014


  • Added de_DE.lang, courtesy of Retro_King
  • Fixed figurines not dropping
  • Fixed figurine icons/textures
  • Fixed creative tab names not being localized
  • Fixed duplication bug with Cultivator shift-clicking
  • Fixed several dinosaur sounds not playing
  • Re-added cooldown when swapping out whip while riding
  • Dinosaurs should now properly chase attack targets
  • Adjusted dinosaur values
  • Adjusted dinosaur animations
  • Adjusted pivots of Anky/Spino so they're more under their centers of gravity
  • Slightly increased lightning chance on ancient sword
  • Shortened tar sound loop
  • Compressed all .wav sounds to .ogg, reducing total .jar by ~10MB.

This forum post editor is still the worst. :|

6.2 is released. Notable things in this release include: the addition of the Gallimimus; stone tablets now display correct and don't shift up, thanks to code contribution by Cannibal Vox; a fixed item duplication bug through the Cultivator; and plenty of model/texture/animation tweaks. 

1.6.4 Build 6.1 Released

June 23, 2014


  • Fixed odd bug where some fossilized models dropped 2 bio fossils when destroyed instead of 1.
  • Fixed/removed leftover code that caused a crash when activating a sarracina plant
  • Added achievement IDs to config. They appear under # general {}.
  • Shifted achievement IDs to not conflict with Mystcraft out of the box
  • Fixed nautilus model so it appears inside its hitbox
  • Fixed mysterious figurine being invisible when placed
  • Fixed mammoth not showing furless state after being shaved
  • Updated language files.
  • Added coelacanth, they spawn naturally, can also get them same way as Nautilus
  • Tweaked loot chests

Literally the worst forum editor ever.

Today brings the 6.1 update, this fixes several bugs, adds the Coelacanth, and addresses compatibility with Mystcraft achievement IDs.

1.6.4 Build 6.0 Released

June 23, 2014

It's been a really long time, so I can't compile a full change list right now, but major points include:

  • Academies are now built from materials relevant to biome.
  • Now uses BiomeDictionary
  • Dinosaur sizes/attributes scale based on their age.
  • Added Deinonychus/updated Deinonychus textures, courtesy of Raptorfarian
  • Added several more skeleton fossils and green T-rex variant, courtesy of Bluestreak52.
  • Added a blue ocean/beach raptor courtesy of Ducky.
  • Fossil Record
  • Added a few achievements
  • Dinos should hunt and fight better.
  • Automation works with most of the GUI blocks.
  • Shift-clicking works with all GUI blocks.
  • Some improved dinosaur animation
  • Added dinosaur spawn eggs
  • Fossil items now spawn in dungeon chests as well.
  • Items/mobs now die when stuck in tar.
  • Dinosaurs no longer suffocate inside blocks.

...and many more.

It's been a while, hasn't it? I'll cut right to the point, below is a link to the 1.6.4 version of the mod (Build 6.0). While I can't say it has zero bugs, it's at a point where we think it is ready for playability without running into any game breaking bugs. Last weekend I went back in after not touching the code for over 4 months and with the help of some dedicated testers went through ~40 or so issues they found. 

Fossils_Archeology_Revival-1.6.4 Build 6.0

Delete your fossil config before using.

1.5.2 Build 5.3 Released

A minor release, added some content and fixed a thing or two!

  • Structure generation not as broken
  • Added Ancient wooden stairs/slabs
  • Added Ancient stone stairs/slabs
  • Fixed some localization strings
  • Whip no longer constantly drains when held
  • Volcanic rock generates sparsely near bedrock.
  • Fixed double message when attempting to use gem on t-rex
  • Fixed issue where carnivorous dinosaurs stopped moving after hunting a mob
  • Fixed server-side crash when javelin was thrown on server

That's it for this update. I suggest deleting the old config file before updating. Moving forward, we'll begin working on getting F/A to work on 1.6.2. In the mean time, we have a few content updates planned as well as small bug fixes. The new dodo birds: to create one, first you get the dodo DNA, turn that into an embryo, cultivate that and it will give you a Cultivated Dodo Egg. This egg will spawn a dodo 100% of the time. The dodo eggs they lay naturally will not spawn a dodo 100% of the time. Also, we have some new people on the team. 

EDIT: So... I made an incredibly stupid mistake and forgot to add the part where it's possible to get dodo DNA from analyzing frozen meat. I'M SO SORRY D:. Because of this, build 5.3 (content update) will be advanced to (hopefully) this weekend with some new dinosaurs, the dodo fix, and hopefully some other things. Now, about Minecraft 1.6.2. It was our intention that, after 5.2 was out, the team would start to work on getting the mod updated to 1.6.2. We don't have a time frame for 1.6.2. In the mean time, we plan on continuing to release Build 5.* versions that will consist mainly of content updates, since we don't want a repeat from when we went from build 4 to 5. 

1.5.2 Build 5.1 Released

Banner with Archeologist villager

A minor release to clear up a bug or two. Most notable is the Smilodon is fixed and some new blocks.


  • Fixed Smilodon textures/items.
  • Added some blocks (currently found only in creative).
    • Amber Ore (does not generate or drop amber currently)
    • Ancient Glass
    • Ancient Stone
    • Ancient Stone bricks
    • Ancient Wood
    • Ancient Wood Pillar
    • Ancient Wood Plates
  • Spinosaurus and T-Rex should attempt to swim instead of drown.
  • Spinosaurus shouldn't suffocate walking into blocks.
    • Note to skin makers, the back half of the main body part is actually a second object that reuses the same texture space as the body part.

And that wraps up this update. We're aware of the issues surrounding dinosaur behavior after they hunt a mob down, as well as the inability to tame a T-Rex.

Also, if you run into any more empty chat messages, please tell me what you were doing when they showed up so we can get those sorted out.


  • Phase I of dinosaur riding has begun.
  • All dinosaurs are rideable now (Pterosaurs are fun!).
  • Hitboxes now scale better with dinosaur age.
  • Dinosaur speeds tweaked.
  • Angry T-Rex will break blocks.
  • Added Dino_Starve option in the config.
  • Added Skull_Overlay option in the config.
  • There's more, I can't think of them right now. :B

Sorry to disappoint those waiting for a 1.5 update. You folks will just have to wait a little longer.

Some notes, Mosasaurs die when attacking other mobs... I could not figure it out and Shadow is out for the weekend.

RIDING! Phase I of riding is in, and you can ride dinosaurs now, and be able to control them with WASD as long as you have the whip out.

To ride a pterosaur, you must start off from at least 3 blocks high, run forward and fall and immediately press and hold "S" to pull up.

BLOCK BREAKING. Dinosaurs can break blocks again. Have a rampaging Rex and it'll destroy a lot of things. You can disable it in the config.

There is a new overlay blur for the Skull Helmet. Because of the way this works, there's a config option now called Skull_Overlay which defaults to false. To get the overlay, you must grab skullhelmetblur.png from /Fossils-Archeology/textures/ and put it into your minecraft.jar's /misc folder. Then enable Skull_Overlay in the Fossils.cfg.

Build 0003 1.4.7 Final

The minor tweaks and bug fixes are here and here is a list of the changes!

March 16, 2013

  • Javelins have durability. 5 uses per relic, 3 uses per relic for the ancient.
  • Javelins can be fired out of dispensers.
  • Gem tools have durability. Can be repaired 10% per relic.
  • Fixed dinosaurs disappearing on age/eating.
  • Dinopedia/health values now sync up with the server properly.
  • Structures generation "true" by default.
  • Dinosaurs disregard the "stay" command when hungry.
  • Messages when dinosaurs die of starvation.
  • Dinosaurs will drop what they're holding when given food.
  • Never-ending minor tweak.

Build 0003 1.4.7 Preview

Yes, it is finally here: what you all have been waiting for, the latest build in the F/A mod. New features and fixes!

  • Ships spawn in the water.
  • Loot fixed inside structures.
  • Dinosaur hunger replenishes when eating/hunting.
  • Tar can now be lit on fire; the fire spreads quickly.
  • Language is fixed; no need to set paths.
  • Console spam from ferns is now gone.
  • Syringes work.
  • All dinosaurs age properly now.
  • Hitboxes have been fixed.
  • Dinosaurs have been resized.
  • Fossil models have a size limit.
  • Items held by raptors are visible.
  • Dinosaurs move quicker now.

Also, keep in mind this is a preview. The modders are working very hard to fix any bugs there might be, so contribute and post your problems at the forum at to help with current problems that can be fixed.