This tutorial showcases how you can turn the optional feathers/scales/quills on or off at will on windows computers. The mod must be installed (duh) in order for the steps to work. For clarification, creatures' AI won't be changed depending on the setting, it is just an aesthetic difference.

Step One: Finding the Right Folder[edit | edit source]

First of all, type into your computer's search bar "%appdata%" without the quotations and click the folder that comes up, the same way you would normally add mods to minecraft. If this confuses you, you can also click Windows key and R to open the Windows Run app, where you can type in the same as above


Note: it shouldn't matter what version of windows you have.

From there, go into the folder that says ".minecraft",


and then the folder that says "config".


Folder steps: AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > config

Step Two: Config Editing[edit | edit source]

When you find the config folder, look for a file that simply says 'fossil'. This is the file that is automatically generated when the F/A mod is installed and loaded into minecraft. Right-click on it, and select "Open With...". One of the first options that pops up should be Notepad, which will open up the config file and allow you to edit it at will.


When you are finally inside the file, be careful when editing anything as if done wrong, it could mess up your game. The feathered/quills configurations will be some of the first options in the file; all you have to do to change them is replace '=true' with '=false', or vice versa.

Example: To give scales to compys change 'B:featheredCompsognathus=true' to 'B:featheredCompsognathus=false'.

Below is the default feather and quill options of the config.


Now this is what the config should look like if all options are flipped.


You can go to the individual mobs wiki pages if you'd like to see which texture you'd prefer. Note: the eggsLikeChickens option does not change the look of your dinosaurs, but instead, when dinosaurs breed, they will lay eggs as items. Messing with the flyingTargetMaxHeight option makes serious changes to how the game runs and you should not touch it if you don't know what it does.

Step Three: Launch the Game[edit | edit source]

If the game is already launched, you will need to restart it before the changes will come into effect.

If it didn't change the look of the dinosaurs, recheck the config file and make sure you didn't change anything else essential. If you are 100% sure it is a bug, report the issue on github.

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