To take care of your animals first it's preferable to tame by staying with them when they hatch from their egg, use the Dinopedia to find the item you can use to give orders, such as:

STICK:[edit | edit source]

Used on:










- Arthropleura








You can control your herbivorous creatures with when to sit down, when to follow, or to simply wander.

BONE:[edit | edit source]

Used on:












SKULL STICK:[edit | edit source]

Used on:

NAUTILUS SHELL:[edit | edit source]

Used on:






Arrow:[edit | edit source]

Used on:


CANNOT BE CONTROLLED:[edit | edit source]

-Alligator Gar





FOOD[edit | edit source]

To see what your dinosaur likes you will need a Dinopedia to see her/his preferred food.

Baby Arthropleura and her food preferences.

Some dinosaurs don't eat from feeders, and this is a problem! So you need bonemeal to plant some plants for herbivores and omnivores eat: regular Minecraft plants, normal food or prehistoric plants.

Small place of the dinosaurs with really many plants of the Minecraft

Breeding[edit | edit source]

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