• 1. Velociraptors and deinonychus should be able to be hit by their target when doing the rpr and it should have a 50% chance of making them fall off.

    2. More fluid/better animations, this mostly goes for the herbivores, the triceratops should tilt it's head a tiny bit, the anky and stego should move their individual blocks more than just turning their whole model around, the brachi's stomp animation needs to be fixed, the mammoth should move it's head a tiny bit more, and please just please change the para attack animation to be a stomp instead. This one also goes for some carnivores like megalania, they should tilt their head a tiny bit and so should the sarco do this as well but for the sarco the opening of the jaw should be slowed down a bit while the chomp should be faster. Oh and the spino should do a claw swipe when not doing the OHKO grab

    3. Better AI, allosaurs, and (maybe) meglania should try to keep their distance from the target and only occasionally run in for one or two bites and sarcos should be more of an ambush hunter.

    4. Probably the least likely suggestion here but come on, this is literally the main tactic of the allosaurus: They should have some sort of effect after it's bite similar to bleeding where the prey would lose 1 health/half a heart every 10 game ticks and lasts for 3 to 6 secs, this should probably also not have actual blood effects since that wouldn't fit Minecraft and to balance this, allosaurs should have a tiny bit less bite damage.

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