• Getting copies of plants and dino DNA can be a painful process, the only way to duplicate DNA is to kill your dinosaur, and there isn't even a way to copy your plants, so you're stuck sifting through dozens of fossils hoping to get lucky, I think there should be a better way of getting more of the things you already have: the DNA syringe and the greenhouse.

    DNA syringe: a tool for extracting DNA from existing creatures, holding right click charges the syringe like a bow, then you release to fill it with the DNA of the creature you used it on, you can then put it in any crafting grid to get the DNA and an empty syringe back. The process won't hurt your creatures, but would lower their mood slightly, making it dangerous when dealing with more temperamental mobs.

    Greenhouse: A block that allows you to duplicate plants, put the plant of your choosing in the left slot, then plant matter like carrots and potatoes, or bone meal on the bottom to slowly produce seeds of the selected plant in a slot on the right. I think both of these features would fit nicely into the fossils and archeology mod

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