• I'm assuming most of you are familiar with Prehistoric Park.

    Because nobody has actually made a map that replicates Prehistoric Park in Minecraft I will make the map using only F/A because I can't stand using other mods to help build (except Worldedit because that is a lifesaver).

    I'm saying this now because if you remember the other projects that I did (My last public one was back in 2017 I think) I abandoned them and deleted the files. I'm hoping that this will be different and I will stick to it and not abandon it but I can't say for sure :(.

    I will make each part of the park separately then combine them all to make the park.

    Here is the Bughouse (Minus the Pulmonoscorpius because it isn't in the game).

    2019-12-05 14.27.54
    The rest hopefully will come soon <3
    2019-12-05 14.28.37
    2019-12-05 14.28.54
    2019-12-05 14.29.05
    Bug house

    The only picture that I used to make the building.

    2019-12-05 14.27.54


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    • If someone can make a Prehistoric Park Texture Pack that changes the skins of the animals to look like the ones in the show that'd be greatly appricated <3

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    • Maybe worth trying my hand at... Thanks for giving me another distracting idea I'll never finish

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