• The Troodon

    The Troodon (Idea Suggestion):

    My last post was about The Baryonyx this new one is about The Troodon.

    The Troodon could be the first nocturnal dinosaur? It could also steal and eat eggs. It would run if you confronted it by itself. In a group of 3-4 it would attack you swiftly attacking and running away, continuing this pattern.

    The Troodon would when hatched will be hungry and attempt to eat the closet egg to the baby troodon.

    Yet against his is just an idea, maybe one that would change an idea of separating your hatcheries?

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    • Troodon is not a valid genus anymore.

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    • Also,

      Isn't the Velociraptor a nocturnal dinsaour in the mod?

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