• So I decided to make my own map in worldpainter, and I've now started a massive Zoo/ Dinosaur park build. The zoo won't just focus on dinosaurs, but it does use the mod. The rest of mod list goes as follows: -Animania


    -Biomes O' Plenty


    -Custom NPCs

    -Mo' Creatures


    -Exotic Birds

    -Fossils and Archaeology

    -Mr Cray fish's Furniture

    -Ice and Fire

    -Iron chest


    -Malisis Doors

    -Plant Mega Pack

    -The Betweenlands

    -Twilight Forest

    -Zoo and Wild Animals mod

    -Zoocraft Discoveries

    I'll post every couple of days or so to show off progress!

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    • Todays work! (first day)

      2019-04-30 22.20.47

      The docks, will have a cargo boat docked in future

      2019-04-30 22.21.04

      The Zoo entrance, featuring topiaries of an elephant and a sauropod of some sort

      2019-04-30 22.21.10

      The beginnings of a worker village, for now just a supply shed and a Vet

      2019-04-30 22.21.27

      Interior of the supply shed

      2019-04-30 22.21.49

      The reception office for the Vet, featuring the enderman-receptionist. Should be noted that most of the staff members are endermen

      2019-04-30 22.21.58

      Finally, the Vet office, with the Doctor. One of the few non-enderman staff members. That portrait is his graduation photo.

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    • Pretty well made actually!

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    • Tons of progress! (still no animals tho)

      2019-05-01 20.08.39

      The worker village is complete! Now with a security station and a Staff Lounge

      2019-05-01 20.08.45

      Closer look at the security station

      2019-05-01 20.08.55

      Inside the first floor

      2019-05-01 20.09.01

      The weapon storage unit, next to the garage

      2019-05-01 20.09.14

      Inside the garage, with a working garage door!

      2019-05-01 20.09.34

      The wardens office. Seems he had quite the interesting life before the zoo.

      2019-05-01 20.09.57

      Exterior of the Staff Lounge

      2019-05-01 20.10.07

      A little kitchen and table

      2019-05-01 20.10.11

      A map of the whole island! (this took the longest time btw) the abrupt corner in the ice sheet is where the world border was in worldpainter

      2019-05-01 20.10.18

      A little Zen garden for the staff to relax

      2019-05-01 20.10.33

      Finally, the cargo ship I mentioned earlier. I'm not really good at building boats, but it's alright

      Boy that's a lot of screenshots

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    • Cant wait for the animals!

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    • We finally have animals in the zoo, not a lot of other progress though for today

      2019-05-02 18.48.31

      Presenting the Black bear enclosure!

      2019-05-02 18.48.36

      A look at one of the viewing areas, and this cool little sign thingy

      2019-05-02 18.48.44


      2019-05-02 18.48.52

      A viewing platform with an area to look into their cave

      2019-05-02 18.49.07

      The first of many themed gift shops that will be in the zoo. This gift shop doesn't really have a theme, since its at the entrance

      2019-05-02 18.49.16

      The cashier and some books

      2019-05-02 18.49.21

      Some animal plushies!

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