• In this thread  you can some of your own useful/helpful redstone contraptions for the 1.12.2 realease of the mod!

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    • The CTCEFF feeder 2000.

      Tired of having to hand feed all your creatures that can't eat from feeders?

      Now you can just build this handy dandy machine and feed them with the press of a button!
      2019-01-23 18.13.21

      The amazing CTCEFF 2000!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     How to build:

      2019-01-23 18.14.13

      step 1

      2019-01-23 18.18.36

      step 2

      2019-01-23 18.19.37

      step 3

      2019-01-23 18.21.03

      step 4

      2019-01-23 18.21.15

      add an item in the bottom left dropper

      2019-01-23 18.22.30

      step 5

      2019-01-23 18.23.05

      step 6 put a dispenser behind this block and fill with the spawn egg of the mob you want it to dispense

      2019-01-23 18.24.32

      make sure this repeater has 1 tick delay

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    • VERY helpful!

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    • A FANDOM user
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