One corner of The Room

The Room is a mysterious small space that the player is taken to when they finish the boss fight, and right click on Anu's dead body in Anu's Castle. It only includes four walls, a roof, a mineable Overworld Portal which will take you back to the overworld, and an Ancient Treasure Chest. It is impossible to break out of The Room, as it is surrounded by Bedrock.


The Room is a small 7 x 6 stone room lit by redstone torches, with stairs leading up to a blue obsidian 3 x 3 portal. In the left side of The Room is the Treasure Chest.

Block List


Once inside, use the Ancient Key that Anu dropped when he was killed, and right click the chest. Doing so will cause a small animation of the chest opening, and the chest will spew out an Ancient Clock, and quickly shut once again. This clock will be used for the in-development Time-Machine, but it has no purpose right now. After taking the clock, the only other thing that can be done is to walk inside the portal, which will take you back to your overworld spawn point.

The other corner


It is unknown how The Room came to be, the most likely explanation is that Anu hid his most treasured object, the Ancient Clock, in another dimension, so that he could later eventually re-obtain it, and go back in time.

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