Terror birds

A gastornis (left) and a kelenken (right)

Terror birds are a type of prehistoric creature that were added in Build 6.3.2. They share the same model (designed by Bluestreak52 and Raptorfarian) but are distinguishable by their size and textures. The four species are: gastornis, kelenken, phorusrhacos, and titanis.

When creating them, they all have the same chance of coming from one type of terror bird DNA. That DNA randomly cultivates into an egg of one of the four. They hatch and lay eggs like chickens, but behave similar to wolves. All terror birds, when tamed, can sit, follow the player, and attack whatever is being attacked by or is attacking their owner. When killed, they all drop raw terror bird legs and feathers.

Note: The four terror birds have been given their own DNA, bones, and meats for the 7.3 Update, making them into their own separate entities.

All terror birds make the same sounds, shown in the table below.

Terror Bird Idle
Terror bird living
Terror Bird Attack
Terror bird attack
Terror Bird Hurt
Terror bird hurt
Terror Bird Death
Terror bird death