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Welcome to the F/A Wiki Servers page! This page is meant to be a way for our community to find new places to play and make friends, and we welcome any new additions to this list. Anyone can use this page to advertise a server, as long as your edits follow certain rules.

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  • If you decide to close your server, we would appreciate you returning to the page and removing your server from the list.

Official Fossils and Archeology Server Edit

*Currently down for maintenance.* Edit

This server, once run by 4f6f3b and now run by MeltedMocha and PathosIV are starting it's 4th year on Feb 28, 2017! We're a massively customized modpack that is constantly undergoing changes, so there's always sups up on Skype, Teamspeak, Discord or Technics!


Slots: 50.


Technics: Technic Pack put together for the server can be found here.

Official list of mods can be found on the Technics website or on Not a part of Ultra or Mooncraft.


TeamSpeak 3 IP:


Hexskull Edit

Hexskull is a server that currently only has a Fossil and Archeology server. Our goal is to add various other servers that have different mods. Our server will then make it easier to play your favorite gamemodes such as Pixelmon or Fossil and Archeology. I hope you give our server a shot. We are located on the Technic Launcher. Just search "Hexskull Official Modpack".


MC Version: 1.12.2

Llibrary - Latest Version

Fossils and Archeology - Latest Version

Pams Harvestcraft - Latest

JEI - Latest

BadMobs - Latest

Bibliocraft - Latest

Mantle - Latest

Tinkers Construct - Latest

WAWLA - Latest

Journeymap - Latest

Optifine - Latest of 1.12.2 version



Slots: 50

Enjoy Lag-free Gameplay and supportive Staff. If you are having trouble installing the mods, make sure they are all the latest version of 1.12.2!

DinosauriaCraft Edit

DinosauriaCraft is a dinosaur minecraft server with few mods, (12) and has 1 current gamemode (Survival) but coming soon will be creative plots, and a fossils and archeology themed bedwars! The server is currently run by TheSaxophone, and is 24/7. Join the discord server if you have any questions or need support.




Fossils and archaeology-8.0.4

MrCrayfish furniture mod-6.3.1 

MrCrayfish Vehicle mod 0.44.1




Shadowfact's forgelin 1.8.4


ZAWA 2.1.0

Minecraft version: Forge 1.12.2


Modpack: (Get the 4.0 file)

Slots: 100

Ultra Dino server Edit

This is the most popular dino server you can find. We welcome all of you to join us. Our community is very friendly and inviting. You can find some staff members online at all times, so if you have any problems, you can always ask them for help. This server and all that has to do with it was created by Oncyfia, MariTheCat and our amazing group of staff members and helpful players!

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Server IP:

Slots: 80


Technic modpack: Can be found here.


There Be Dragons Edit

A modded server of CreativeCraft where we run wild with magic, tech, dragons and dinosaurs! We are a small welcoming community who enjoy to spend some ROARsome time together. Our server has a wonderful cast of supportive staff, with an awesome and helpful family of players who will gladly educate and teach of the wonders of our light custom FTB modpack. Come build, ride, fly and spellcast! The five realms are yours to explore!

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Server IP:

Slots: 40

CursedForge modpack: Can be found here.


Paleocraft Edit

Welcome to Paleocraft! Originally made to allow players the chance to build a dinosaur park with the aid of technology and on the idea the players should have a say in how the server evolved, we've now became a park building focused server with a variety of mods to help make your zoo building dreams a reality! With the aid of mods like 'Fossils and Archaeology', 'Rustic', 'MrCrayfish furniture' and 67 other mods, you can build the park of your dreams for all to enjoy. Despite all the changes that have happened, we've not fully forgotten our past, so even though the Modpack heavily focuses on visual mods we still have certain mods, like 'Thaumcraft' and 'Extra Utilities', to ensure our players can still enjoy a more varied experience.

The server is currently owned by Bantoo and is ran by Bantoo, Kangalia and Smallpred.

Server IP:

Technic page:

A full mod list can be found on our Technic page.

Discord server: Paleocraft Discord

Server slots: 120

**We offer modpack support through our discord channel where we have constantly active staff members, any issues with our pack we will do everything to try to fix it**


-INACTIVE- Chaoticraft is a survival server with dragons dinosaurs and more. It is owned by BattleB0t and is up sometimes.


Mods Custom mob spawner Mo creatures Dragon mounts 2 Iron backpacks Iron chests Jurassicraft Fossils and archaeology Ice and fire Just enough items LLibary Techguns Wings World edit Lycanites mobs Journey map

Minecraft version: Forge 1.12.2


Slots: 100

Runaway's Room Edit

Runaway's Room is ran by RunawayLegend and his friends. The server has a few tech mods like buildcraft, EnderIO, Thermal Expansion and all the Thermal addons. He hosts it through a mod pack on the Twitch Desktop launcher and he has a video on how to install it on his YouTube. As well as a Discord server!

Minecraft Forge: 1.12.2

Curse Link:

The IP is:


Slots: 50

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