Fossils and Archeology Mod Revival Wiki

8.0.x Resource Packs[]

These resource packs are installed into the resourcepacks folder in your minecraft directory (unless stated otherwise.)

Items / Details[]

Name Description Creator(s) Download Preview (Click to enlarge)



DNA pack

Reorganizes the DNA into eight groups of animal types based on their phylogeny Artistic Criminality

AKA Balaur

for 8.0.4:


Better fossils A seperate pack for the better fossils from my other pack Spino gaming Mediafire
Balaur's No Helmet Shadow pack


Removes that pesky shadow from wearing helmets in all versions without a config toggle to do so (versions 8.0.0-2) Artistic Criminality

AKA Balaur

Dropbox Hi
Megalovania Makes the Megalania skeleton look like Sans from Undertale (I still love that pun) Artistic Criminality AKA Balaur Dropbox
2019-02-25 18.56.57.png
Fixed T.rex Stone Tablet Fixes the stone tablets so the Tyrannosaurus isn't feathered in them Ryan is still the same Mediafire


Changes some blocks and items to fit better with Jappa's textures Venator Dropbox
2020-07-31 02.08.18.png


Name Description Creator(s) Download Preview (Click to enlarge)
SCP-250 Replaces the allosaur texture with SCP-250 Spinomania Mediafire
2019-08-22 16.27.58.png
Stripy Tyrannosaurus Replaces the Tyrannosaurus texture with a alternative take Raptorfarian Dropbox
Great Auk Turns the Dodo into a Great Auk. Ryan is still the same Mediafire
Mordor Auks.png
Hoefnagle Dodo Turns the current baby dodo into the painting made by Jacob Hoefnagel Ryan is still the same Mediafire
Duller Female Dodo Removes the blue markings on the beak on the female dodo. Ryan is still the same Mediafire
Rothschild Dodo Re-adds the old dodo based on the Edward and Rothschild dodo. Ryan is still the same Mediafire
Brown Dodo Re-adds the old brown dodo. Ryan is still the same Mediafire
Spino's textures V3 Adds a handful of custom made textures for dinosaurs. For more previews: go to the official thread Spinomania Mediafire
2019-04-27 15.26.17.octet-stream.png
Pantydraco's Series Pack Adds Pantydraco's prehistoric patterns for creatures ingame! Release 1 contains 6 re-skinned creatures! Textures created by Noonyeyz

Patterns created by IG user @pantydraco.

Chameleon Skin Texture pack Fresh and vivid colors for your favourite dinosaurs! Some textures are based on creatures from iconic "Jurassic Parks" and "Jurassic Worlds" films, merch, etc. Other are based on real life animals and just colors that i come up with.

Textures that are availab

IG: @_moonstarsart_ CurseForge
2019-07-07 17.57.50.png
Blank FA textures Some blank textures to use for creating resource packs Captain sneet Dropbox
Deviljho pack A deviljho addon for my monster hunter resource pack Spinomania Mediafire
2019-08-05 18.10.11 3.png
Dodo Pizza Сhanges the texture of the Dodo as a company Dodo pizza _Bergim_ MediaFire
Ammonite! Replaces the nautilus texture with the extinct ammonite. PaleoPixel Dropbox
Keratinous Triceratopses Only makes a small change to the Triceratops quills, changing them into keratinous spines, which is more scientifically plausible than quills (take that accuracy watchers). WILL ONLY WORK WITH FEATHER TOGGLE ON. Artistic Criminality AKA Balaur Dropbox
2019-06-07 21.41.17.png
1.7.10 Tyrannosaurus Texture (Feathered and Scaly) Re-adds the feathered and scaly tyrannosaurus textures from 1.7.10

(Check downloaded file for install instructions)

SpicyDragon [drive]
Fixed Allosaurus Fixes Allosaurus not having teeth (WARNING: This resource pack is now outdated, since Allosaurus has been remodeled and given teeth) CaneTheVelociraptor Mediafire
2019-03-13 02.16.46.png
Sucho's Animal Skin Pack V1.1 Adds new skins for some animals, this will be updated various times. Now in V1.1, i added a new skin to the Pteranodon and added slight shading to the spino. TheGreatSuchomimus40 Mediafire
2019-12-15 11.04.52.png
Smaller Creature Eyes Gives most of the creatures less cartoony eyes similar to the Stripy Rex eyes Spinomania [1]
2020-03-30 14.48.03.png
Jurassic Park Texture Pack Gives Creatures, Blocks and Paintings Jurassic Park Theme Textures Evo Mediafire

7.3 Resource Packs[]

These resource packs are installed into the resourcepacks folder in your minecraft directory. They will only work for the 7.3 version of the mod and will likely break with more recent version of the mod.

Name Description Creator(s) Download Preview (Click to enlarge)
Upcoming Textures Adds the upcoming Quagga, Dodo, and Terror Bird textures to 7.3.2 -Textures by ASDFGirl and Raptorfarian-Pack by Mushroomsock Dropbox
Blue Animal DNA Replaces modern animal DNA with the blue cenozoic texture. Mushroomsock Dropbox

Jurassic Park sound effects Changes some dinosaur sounds to what they sound in JP. V 1.0 CaneTheVelociraptor Mediafire Coming Soon

Old Resource Packs[]

These resource packs may be outdated and could cause problems if used with recent versions of the mod.

Fossil Archeology 32x32 by Woolies

An example of Woolies' resource pack.

32x32 F/A Mob texture Revival by BlueStreak52 (Not released yet)

32x32 F/A Item and New Block Texture Revival by Cliodna

32x32 Fossil and Archeology Revival The Rest by ZapikCZ

32x32 Mr. Cat's F/A Texture Pack by Mr. Cat

F/A 16x16 realism texture pack by Raptorfarian