Raw Animal Meat
Gallimimus Meat
Gallimimus meat
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Restores 1.5 shanks


Raw animal meat is a food item dropped when a prehistoric creature is killed. All species except nautilus and the three fish have their own raw meat with one of the 11 different meat item textures. While 7.2 had different categories of raw meat with different characteristics, 7.3 levels all raw animal meat to the same values. Every raw meat restores 1.5 shanks of hunger (3 hunger units) and has a saturation of 0.3 regardless of species. They can also be used to obtain DNA from an analyzer with a 100% return rate.

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Velociraptor Meat

Velociraptor DNA

Raw Animal Meat
The different Mesozoic meats.
Stack Size
Restores Depends on the meat type.


Raw animal meat is a food item dropped when a prehistoric creature is killed. There are different categories of raw animal meat: Mesozoic species meat, terror bird legs, quagga meat, dodo wings, confuciusornis, and nautilus meat. Each category has unique qualities.


Mesozoic meat is dropped from all species of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and aquatic reptiles. It restores 1.5 shanks (3 hunger units) when eaten. This meat can also be analyzed to produce DNA of the same species. When it is cooked, all species of Mesozoic meat turns into unspecific dino steak. If a prehistoric creature dies from fire, it will drop its raw meat, not dino steak.


Terror bird legs are non-species-specific meat items dropped by the four species of terror bird in the mod. It restores one shank when eaten, but it causes a 30 second hunger potion effect 50% of the time. It can also be analyzed to produce DNA of the same species. Cooking raw terror bird legs or setting a terror bird on fire will result in cooked terror bird legs.


Quagga meat can be dropped from quaggas. It restores one shank, but it causes 30 seconds of hunger potion effects 50% of the time. This meat can also be analyzed to produce DNA. Cooking raw quagga meat or setting a quagga on fire will result in cooked quagga meat.


Dodo wings are dropped from dodos. They restore 1.5 shanks, but cause 30 seconds of hunger potion effects 50% of the time when eaten. It can also be analyzed to produce DNA.Cooking raw dodo wings or setting a dodo on fire results in cooked dodo wings.
Feeding the Baby

Feeding an untamed sarcosuchus by throwing it raw confuciusornis.


Raw confuciusornis is dropped by confuciusornis upon death. It restores 1 shank when eaten, and cannot be used to obtain DNA. Cooked confuciusornis is created by cooking confuciusornis or killing a confuciusornis with fire.


Nautilus meat is a creative-mode-only item and is only in the mod at all because of an old error. It restores 1.5 shanks. It cannot be cooked into sio-chiu-le as living nautilus can.


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