Although this mod is known for its prehistoric creatures, it adds several prehistoric plants as well. All prehistoric plants must be created by the player and do not spawn in the world. They make for beautiful decorations at a base or in an enclosure, and some of them can be used for feeding herbivores.

A 7.2 stegosaurus with some zamites, dillhoffia, and welwitschia.


Ancient Ferns Duisbergia Palaeoraphe Tree
Archaeosigillaria Ephedra Sarracenia
Bennettitales Failure Plant Tempskya
Calamites Florissantia Vaccinium
Cephalotaxus Foozia Welwitschia
Crataegus Horsetail Zamites
Dillhoffia Osmunda


To create a prehistoric plant, one must acquire a plant fossil from mining fossil blocks or sifting. Analyzing a plant fossil can yield either a petrified Palaeoraphe sapling, petrified Calamites sapling, or a random fossilized seed or spore.

Plant Fossil %

Dominican Amber %

Fossilized Ancient Fern Spores

These items should be placed in a culture vat, which will turn it into living saplings, seeds or spores. Watch out, though, because if the cultivation fails it will spawn a failure plant, which drops a random fossilized seed or spore upon breaking.


Fossilized Ancient Fern Spores


Ancient Fern Spores

The living items must be placed on grass or dirt blocks. Most plants spawn in an adult form, with ferns and Palaeoraphe trees as the exception.

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