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A platybelodon walking alongside a river.
A platybelodon walking alongside a river.
Basic Information
Real Creature.png Real Creature

Platybelodon grangeri

Nature.png Nature


Health Points.png Health Points

Adult: 46 46hearts.png

Infant: 8 ( 8hearts.png)

Attack Damage.png Attack Damage

7 ( 7hearts.png)

Hunger Points.png Hunger Points


Breaks Blocks.png Breaks Blocks



Grid Raw Mammal Herbivore Meat1.png Raw Meat

Grid Platybelodon Skull.png Skull

Grid Leg Bone.png Leg bone

Grid Arm Bone.png Arm bone

Grid Herbivore Foot.png Foot

Grid Ribcage (Bone).png Ribcage

Grid Vertebrae.png Vertebrae

Grid Elephant Tusk.png Horn

Modeled By Totemaster
First appearances


8.0.4 UPDATE

Platybelodon (‘plat-ee-bell-oh-don’, meaning “Flat-Speared Tusk”) AKA the 'Shovel Face', is a medium-sized prehistoric ice age herbivore that resembles an odd looking elephant from African and Asian savannahs. It was added in Build 8.0.1, is the second member of the elephant order after the larger mammoth. Like it, platybelodon is diurnal, meaning it will be active during the day and will sleep at night.

Males are around 2.3 blocks tall and approximately 5 blocks long, and females are 2 blocks tall and approximately 4 blocks long. There is no difference in texture between sexes.


Herds of animals, if you attack one, they will all attack back.

Platybelodon like almost all other mobs, has a mood that can drop or be raised through various means. Having a low mood means it may attack or avoid you, having a high mood will make it passive. Right-click it with a DinoPedia to see what its mood is at.

A fossil version of the platybelodon can be created by right-clicking a tar fossil on the ground, which will create a random skeleton of a Cenozoic-era creature with a small chance of it being a platybelodon.

Like almost all other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player through the culture vat. As they are mammals, they are obtained through an embryo which needs to be placed into any vanilla animal, besides the carnivores and chicken. It grows fully in 10 Minecraft days. They can be given essence of chicken to grow faster at the cost of hunger.


The platybelodone can be tamed so that its birth is in the 6-block range, if you miss it, you can tame it in two ways. One option is to feed until you tame it, you will also have a mood-boosting effect, the other option is to whip it better until it is tamed, but this will have a mood-reducing effect.


Tamed adult platybelodon can be ridden by right-clicking it with a whip. The controls are in the same WASD format as normal movement, and shift to get off. When riding, the platybelodon is tall enough that no hostile mob can hit the player aside from skeletons. Be careful not to enter water while riding a platybelodon, as they will drown.


Platybelodon can also be fed by hand with plants. If they get hungry they can eat from the feeder.


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