The palaeoraphe tree is a prehistoric tree that resembles a modern palm tree, and is based off of the real life Palaeoraphe fossils. It normally does not spawn naturally, but it can if the .config option in the mod folder is set to true. If it is set to spawn, the trees will spawn in large groups close together, mostly in random mountain-hot biomes (usually not in cold biomes, though it rarely can). If spawning is turned off, the sapling for the tree is rarely received when you put a plant fossil in a culture vat.


It is made from Palaeoraphe Logs making it the only way to get Palaeoraphe PlanksPalaeoraphe Stairs and Palaeoraphe Slabs. When cut down, the palaeoraphe tree has a chance to drop Palaeoraphe Saplings and rarely apples from its leaves. It only requires one bonemeal to grow, and the trunk will grow up to 20+ blocks, so this tree is a good way to get lots of wood.


In order to enable this structure, you must go to the Minecraft folder through %appdata%, and go into the config folder. Click the file that says 'fossil' and open it with notepad. Scroll down until you see this paragraph:

    #  [default: false]

Change it to:

    #  [default: false]

Do not edit anything else that you don't want to change. Palaeoraphe trees should now spawn naturally in new areas in your worlds.




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