Introduced in the 7.3 Dinosaur Rennaissance Update, an animal's mood is what dictates the animal's aggression level. Some animals seem to enjoy large groups; others will not like it. Some animals don't like being placed with incompatible species, either. An animal's mood can be seen in the DinoPedia. All animals, except Quaggas and the three fish, have a mood that is measured as follows:

Checking the mood on a sleeping Triceratops. In this case, its mood is 0 and it is Calm.

50 to 99 is Content. The animal will not attack you unless you attack first. 100 is Happy, but there is no difference between the two moods. Sometimes, when an animal hits an Enrichment Object like a Ball or Scratching Post, the mood will exceed 100 and will be shown as Content. Nothing bad will happen then.

-49 to 49 is Calm. Herbivores will only attack when provoked, and Carnivores will only attack when hungry. In the case of the Carnivores, this is averted with the very aggressive Spinosaurus, Sarcosuchus, Ceratosaurus, Liopleurodon, Mosasaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

-99 to -50 is Sad. The animal will attack everything on sight, regardless of whether it's hungry or not. -100 is Angry, but there is no difference between Sad and Angry.

HOW TO INCREASE A MOB'S MOOD[edit | edit source]

Give it an Enrichment Item.

Allow it to kill or hunt something. This raises its mood significantly, especially for Carnivores.

Allowing it to eat a dropped food item.

Hand-feeding it.

Placing enough of the same species near it.

Give them live food(dodo and other vannila mobs)

HOW TO DECREASE A MOB'S MOOD[edit | edit source]

Attacking it.

Placing too many or too little of the same species near it.

Placing incompatible species near it.

Letting it starve.

Being placed in a Hot Biome(Mammoths Only).

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