Megalograptus in water
Basic Information
Real Creature Real Creature

Megalograptus welchi

Nature Nature


Health Points Health Points

Adult: 25 25hearts

Infant: 5 (5hearts)

Attack Damage Attack Damage

3 (3hearts)

Hunger Points Hunger Points

50 50hunger


Grid Raw Arthropod Meat Raw Meat

Modeled By Bluestreak52
First appearances


8.0.4 UPDATE

Megalograptus ('meg-ah-low-grap-tuss', meaning “Big Writing” or “Great Graptolite”), commonly known as ‘the Sea Scorpion’ or 'Sea Lobster', is a small aquatic prehistoric arthropod from the oceans of Ohio in the Late Ordovician Period. It was added in Build 8.0.0, alongside the four other “mega” mobs, is purely carnivorous, aquatic, and is cathemernal, meaning it is active during the day and at night. It, along with Meganeura, and Arthropleura are the only arthropods in the mod so far, and are all affected by the Bane of Arthropods enchantment as a result. It is slightly longer than Meganeura at 0.1 blocks tall and approximately 1.2 blocks long, and there is no size or texture differences between sexes. Newborns are yellow, 0.1 blocks long, and fully grown in 5 minecraft days. They can be given essence of chicken to grow faster, at the cost of hunger.

It is one of, if not the fastest mobs in the mod when in water. As arthropods, they do not leave behind any bones.

Megalograptus, like almost all other mobs, has a mood that can drop or be raised through various means. Having a low mood means it may attack or avoid the player, having a high mood will make it neutral. Right-click it with a DinoPedia to see what its mood is at.

A fossil version of the megalograptus can be created by right-clicking a bio-fossil on the ground, which will create a random skeleton of a Mesozoic or Paleozoic-era prehistoric creature with a small chance of it being a sea scorpion.

Like almost all other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player through the culture vat. As they are sea creatures and arthropods, they hatch from egg spawn that need to be placed in water by the player.


Megalograptus Idle 1
Megalograptus living1
Megalograptus Hurt 1
Megalograptus hurt1
Megalograptus Idle 2
Megalograptus living2
Megalograptus Hurt 2
Megalograptus hurt2
Megalograptus Idle 3
Megalograptus living3



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