A megalania in the badlands
A megalania in the badlands
Basic Information
Real Creature.png Real Creature

Varanus priscus

Nature.png Nature


Health Points.png Health Points

Adult: 50 50hearts.png

Infant: 10 (10hearts.png)

Attack Damage.png Attack Damage

10 (10hearts.png)

Poison: 7 (7poisonhearts.png)

Hunger Points.png Hunger Points

125 125hunger.png

Breaks Blocks.png Breaks Blocks



Grid Raw Dinosaur Meat 1.png Meat

Grid Megalania Skull.png Skull

Grid Leg Bone.png Leg bone

Grid Arm Bone.png Arm bone

Grid Terrestrial Reptile Foot.png Foot

Grid Ribcage (Bone).png Ribcage

Grid Vertebrae.png Vertebrae

Grid Claw.png Claw

Modeled By ASDFGirl
First appearances


8.0.4 UPDATE

Megalania ('meg-ah-lay-knee-ah', meaning “Great Roamer”) is a large prehistoric lizard resembling a komodo dragon from the Pleistocene of Australia, added in Build 8.0.0, alongside the four other “mega” mobs. It, and the larger Sarcosuchus, are the only current non-dinosaur terrestrial reptiles in the mod, and it is also diurnal, meaning it is active during the day and will sleep at night. Like their smaller komodo dragon cousins, they have a dangerous venom effect when attacking their prey, including the player upon reaching adulthood. They are one of the eight apex predators that uses a special taming method.

Males are approximately 7 blocks long, and around 1.6 blocks tall at the shoulder. Females are around 6 blocks long and 1.5 blocks tall, and there is no difference in texture between sexes. Newborns hatch at just under 2 blocks long, and they are fully grown at 10 days old. Their texture is based off of closely related modern day monitor lizards. They, like the other apex predators, cannot be given essence of chicken to grow faster.

Like almost all other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player through the culture vat. As they are reptiles, they hatch from large eggs that need to be warmed by any light source.


Megalania, like almost all other mobs, has a mood (seen with a DinoPedia) that can drop by being in an inadequate habitat, being overcrowded, being starved, or being attacked, and can be raised with food, or enrichment items such as balls, scratching posts, or tethered logs. Adult megalania requires a high mood to not attack the player on sight.

Megalania are a terrestrial carnivore that will attack and eat any of the prey items listed below. They are very fast when chasing prey. Despite being an apex predator, they cannot break blocks weaker than iron due to their short stature, making it somewhat easier to house them properly. However, this is made up for in their other weapon: their potent venom that kicks in when attacking an animal, which will cause ten seconds of the poison effect, and thirty seconds of the slowness effect, similar to vanilla cave spiders. It is the only creature added by the mod with such an ability.

When two megalania are enclosed in the same space, they may perform a special animation where they forcefully rear up and push against each other, something modern komodo dragons do as well.

It is more common for male megalania to brawl than females(?)

Their prey includes: all vanilla animals (pigs, cows, etc) TBA


A megalania fossil model in Australian shrub made from tar fossils.

Megalania is one of several apex predators that uses the special boss fight-esque taming method. A megalania must be an adult (at least 10 days old) to be tamed. To begin the taming process, the player must first of all attack the megalania until it is at 8 hp (4 hearts; this is easy to check with a DinoPedia). Strong armor, strength potions, a good sword, and some milk to negate the effects of the venom are recommended. After being weakened, the megalania will then enter "sleep mode" and pass out. While it is knocked out, the player must right click it with the mythical scarab gem gained from mining fossils. It will then rise back up and regain all its heath, signifying that it is tamed. The tamed megalania can then be ordered with a Skull Stick. Another tutorial to this process can be found here.


Tamed megalania are rideable as adults. They can be ridden by right-clicking on one with a whip. When ridden, they won't go hungry or age. The megalania will stay at relatively the same speed, and they don't seem to be able to break blocks while being ridden, so it is easy for it to become stuck, and you will lose almost all control over it when entering water. It can be controlled only if the player constantly holds the whip, and can only be controlled for a short time without it. Riding uses the same WASD format as normal Minecraft movement, and shift to get off.


Megalania is a self-sufficient carnivore that will automatically hunt the aforementioned animals. They can also be hand-fed any kind of fish spawn or meat, mod or vanilla, except rotten flesh. They will also eat from feeders that have meat in them.


Megalania Idle 1
Megalania Hurt 2
Megalania Idle 2
Megalania Death 1
Megalania Idle 3
Megalania Death 2
Megalania Hurt 1



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