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Wooden, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and ancient javelins.
Wooden, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and ancient javelins.
Stack Size
16 (unused)

1 (used)

Attack Damage Wooden: 1 heart

Stone: 1.5 hearts

Iron: 2 hearts

Gold: 1 heart

Diamond: 2.5 hearts

Ancient: 3.5 hearts

Durability.png Durability

Ancient Javelin: 3 Others: 5

The javelin is an uncraftable, long ranged weapon that functions like a bow and arrow. It can be obtained by trading with Archaeologist Villagers or by raiding the chests of Hell Boats. There are six types of javelin, which increase in strength down the list in the infobox. The ancient javelin has the added bonus of occasionally summoning lightning. If this lightning happens to hit a pig, then it will transform into a tamed zombie pigman, ready to fight for you.

To use a javelin, hold the right mouse button to aim and charge strength, just as you would a bow and arrow. When they hit a mob, they will ricochet a few blocks and become implanted in the ground. They can then be retrieved like a vanilla arrow. When riding a mob, they can be fired without harming the mount. They can also be fired out of dispensers.

They use the same noises as bows, and cannot be enchanted like bows.

The 3D models of all the javelins after being thrown. From bottom to top: wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, ancient.


To restore the durability, place it into an archeology workbench with relic scraps and it will be repaired.

Damaged Gold Javelin

Relic Scrap

Gold Javelin



Birdegg.gif Avian EggsBioGoo.gif Bio-GooDinoegg.gif Non-Avian EggsDna.gif DNASyringe.gif EmbryoPalm sapling.png Palaeoraphe Sapling
(Palae Fossil.png Petrified) ■ Seeds.gif Seeds & Spores (Fossilseeds.gif Fossilized) ■ Bigsack.gif Spawn & Sacs


Amber.png AmberGrid Arm Bone.png Arm BoneBioFossil.png Bio-Fossil (Tar fossil.png Tar) (Plant fossil.png Plant) ■ Amber.gif Dominican Amber
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Meat.gif Raw Animal Meat (Cooked.gif Cooked) ■ Stunted essence.png Poisonous Potato EssenceRaw Chicken Soup.png Raw Chicken Soup (Cooked Chicken Soup.png Cooked) ■ Sio Chiu Le2.png Sio-Chiu-Le


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