The Hell Boat is a crucial Structure that spawns very frequently in the Nether, on lava. The boat is almost indestructible, as it is mainly made out of nether brick and obsidian. This Structure will lead you to Anu's Castle. It is the first structure by Alexthe666 in the mod.


Surround Anu's Statue with Redstone in a square-shape, then take out the corners of the Redstone and replace them with four Ancient Figurines of any type, which you can rarely find in Fossil Archeology structures. Afterwards a small animation will occur followed by a large and violent explosion. Then, a small portal will spawn where the Anu Statue was, which you can enter to get to Anu's Castle.

Block List

  • Netherbrick
    • Netherbrick Fence
    • Netherbrick Stairs
    • Netherbrick Slabs
  • Obsidian
  • Ancient Glass
  • 16 Stone Slabs
  • 7 Chests
  • 4 Furnaces
  • 1 Skull (Block)
  • 6 Spider Webs
  • 2 Iron Doors
  • Iron Bars
  • 1 Jukebox
  • 1 Damaged Anvil
  • 9 Redstone Torch
  • 1 Anu Statue


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