A mosasaurus' fossil model

Fossil models are simply models of the skeletons of mod dinosaurs. They are listed as mobs because they are coded as entities. The dinosaurs that currently have fossil models are: allosaurus, ankylosaurus, brachiosaurus, ceratosaurus, compsognathus, deinonychus, gallimimus, liopleurodon, mosasaurus, plesiosaur, pteranodon, spinosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus. To create a fossil model, right-click to place a bio-fossil on the ground. A model of a random infant mob will spawn. To make them "grow," right-click them with bones. The hitbox of these models, no matter what size, is a small area near the feet or arms, which can be hard to find. Right-clicking this hitbox with an open hand will rotate the model. Punching the hitbox breaks the model, returning to the player the bio-fossil and bones.


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