The Feeder will store food for all tameable dinosaurs. Tamable dinosaurs are able to see feeders within a 6-block radius. A feeder has two storage levels: one for carnivores, and the other for herbivores. Only certain items are acceptable for conversion to foodstuffs for dinosaurs. Velociraptors will search for a feeder when they are unable to find animals to hunt. The Triceratops will search for a feeder before searching for ferns. Tyrannosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus will use feeders as well. The feeder needs to be within 2 blocks of a creature's head in order for them to feed.

Acceptable for Carnivores[edit | edit source]

Food Type Amount of Food Added
Raw Porkchop 35
Cooked Porkchop 55
Raw Fish/Salmon 20
Cooked Fish/Salmon 45
Clownfish/Pufferfish 15
Raw Beef 40
Steak 60
Raw Chicken 10
Cooked Chicken 15
Raw Rabbit 13
Cooked Rabbit 17
Raw Mutton 30
Cooked Mutton 50
Chicken Egg 7
Cultivated Chicken Egg 15
Dodo/Confuciusornis Egg 10
Cultivated Dodo/Confuciusornis Egg 15
Dino Egg 7
Dino Meat 40
Dino Steak 35
Failuresaurus Flesh 15

Acceptable for Herbivores[edit | edit source]

Food Item Amount of Food Added
Apple 20
Wheat 13
Bread 25
Hay Bale 90
Melon Block 65
Melon Slice 10
Mushroom(Both kinds) 15
Vanilla Leaves 20
Palaeoraphe Leaves 40
Beetroot 20
Carrots 15
Raw Potato 20
Cooked Potato 35
Cake 50
Sugar 7
Flower(Any vanilla) 5
Pumpkin Block 30
Pumpkin Pie 25
Fern/Grass 5
Sapling(Any vanilla) 15

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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