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Edaphosaurus lounging about in a sunset.
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Edaphosaurus cruciger

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Edaphosaurus (E-daff-o-sawr-us, meaning "Pavement Lizard") is a medium-sized herbivorous prehistoric synapsid hailing from the Late Carboniferous and Early Permian of North America which were added in version 8.0.3. They have a large sail akin to their carnivorous relative, the Dimetrodon, which will be added to the mod in the future. Males have a yellow underbelly and head, while females have a grayish underbelly and head. Young Edaphosaurus can be fed essence of chicken to speed up growth at the cost of hunger or poisonous potato essence to stunt growth.

A fossil version of Edaphosaurus can be created by right-clicking the ground with a bio-fossil, which has a small chance of generating an Edaphosaurus skeleton. Edaphosaurus does not spawn naturally, instead it must be made in a cultivator and then hatched out of an egg warmed by torches.


The Edaphosaurus will play withscratching posts, tethered logs, and balls. It can be ordered around by clicking it with a stick. Edaphosaurus eats most plant life, by eating placed plants, plants from feeders, or plants that are hand-fed by the player. It cannot break blocks.

Like other mobs, Edaphosaurus has a mood. It will attack the player if it has low mood, but will remain passive with high mood. Edaphosaurus will only attack the player if it has low mood or if the player attacked first.

Adult Edaphosaurus are susceptible to attack from any carnivorous mob other than Compsognathus and Tikaalik. Young Edaphosaurus though can be attacked by every carnivorous mob including the two listed above. Edaphosaurus will cycle between fleeing and attacking in a fight. Since Edaphosaurus only does 3-4 hit-points of damage, it will usually be killed.

Adult Edaphosaurus can breed and lay eggs every five minutes.


Edaphosaurus is tameable. Unlike other mobs, Edaphosaurus cannot be tamed by standing at least six blocks away when hatched. Instead, the player can tame Edaphosaurus with a whip (lowers mood), or by feeding (raises mood). Edaphosaurus is not rideable, but can be controlled using a stick.


Edaphosaurus can eat flowers, leaves, grass, and ancient ferns. It can also be hand-fed seeds, wheat, bread, apples, sugar, sugarcane, cookies, melon, and cake, and will eat from feeders that have plants in them.


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