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Easter Egg
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Easter Egg

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The easter egg mob is a hidden summon-able boss mob from Build 8.0.0. This boss mob is regarded as the hardest enemy in the game, with a one hit kill. Few have managed to conjure it and come back to tell the tale. The code to summon it is unknown, for the creature itself is an all-consuming abomination, that must never be summoned into the player's world, or imminent destruction and decimation will come upon it. Do not look for the code, and, for you, and your family's sake, forget that you read this.


A leaked image of one of ___'s eyes, taken right before death. Notice the dilated pupil

"___ is rumored to have once been the greatest and most trusted warrior in the Great Warlord Anu’s undead and unstoppable legions, wielding a lightning sword at his master's behest. When the army was defeated and his master exiled, ___ swore he would never stop until every creature under the sun was slain, only to be banished into a state of nonexistence, with the sole way to summon him back being a strange incantation. One thing is certain: whichever land ___ is summoned to, would mean the end of it."

2019-02-13 21.04.03

An example of the destruction that the easter egg mob can bring.


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Carnivores appear in red. Herbivores appear in green. Omnivores appear in light blue. Piscivores appear in dark blue. Enemies/misc appear in brown. Defense Points means the creature can break blocks. Fire Ball means the creature is an apex predator/boss.
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