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The Dinopedia is a vital item that helps the player understand their prehistoric creatures. It displays important details about a specific creature, and contains a description about its species. To craft, place a bio-fossil and a book together in a crafting table.

Bio Fossil



To use the Dinopedia, right click on a prehistoric creature. The open book has two "pages:" one with the specific animal's info, another for a description of its species. The information page is full of useful information for caring for the creature. On the left of the page, it renders an image of the creature above a list of details about that specific animal. This list includes its age, health, hunger, diet, temperament, gender, taming status, current order, command item, and activity style. On the right side of the page is a bar that shows the creature's current mood along with the Happiness Scale and all the food items that they eat.

If you click on the arrow in the bottom right corner, the "page" will turn and show you a brief profile on the animal's species. This profile usually covers the meaning of the animal's name, the time period it lived in, contemporary animals, etc. This information, though interesting, refers to the real-life animal and not the in-game one, so not everything mentioned in the Dinopedia entry is in the mod. To close the Dinopedia, press the Escape key.


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In order to truly take care of your prehistoric creatures, you should craft the DinoPedia. The DinoPedia is a book that shows important details about a specific creature and information about its species. It requires a sacrifice of one prehistoric DNA along with a book to craft.

Velociraptor DNA



The DinoPedia has two "pages"; one for the specific animal's info, another for a summary about the species. The first page shows the mob's age, health, hunger, and owner. It also shows whether or not an animal is ridable, what items are used to command it, and what foods it eats. When using the DinoPedia on an egg, it will show the egg's hatching status and description (warm/cold/wet). Clicking the curled corner at the bottom right takes the player to an info page about the species that includes things like size and habitat.



Birdegg.gif Avian EggsBioGoo.gif Bio-GooDinoegg.gif Non-Avian EggsDna.gif DNASyringe.gif EmbryoPalm sapling.png Palaeoraphe Sapling
(Palae Fossil.png Petrified) ■ Seeds.gif Seeds & Spores (Fossilseeds.gif Fossilized) ■ Bigsack.gif Spawn & Sacs


Amber.png AmberGrid Arm Bone.png Arm BoneBioFossil.png Bio-Fossil (Tar fossil.png Tar) (Plant fossil.png Plant) ■ Amber.gif Dominican Amber
Emptyshell.png Empty ShellWww.GIFCreator.me f6gL2o.gif Foot BoneIced Meat.png Frozen MeatSarcosuchus legBone.png Leg BoneMagic Conch.png Magic Conch
Skulls.gif SkullGrid Ribcage (Bone).png Rib CageUnique.gif Unique BonesBucket tar.png Tar Bucket (Tardrop.png Drop) ■ Grid Vertebrae.png Vertebrae


Ancient key.png Ancient KeyGrid Ancient Helmet.png Ancient Helmet (Grid Broken Ancient Helmet.png Broken) ■ Grid Ancient Sword.png Ancient Sword (Grid Broken Ancient Sword.png Broken) ■
Record.gif Fossil RecordPotteryShard.png Pottery ShardScarab Gem.png Scarab Gem (Scarab blue.png Aquatic) ■ Stone tableeeeet.png Stone Tablet
(Relic Scrap.png Scrap)


Essence Of Chicken.png Chicken EssenceCooked egg.png Cooked EggFlesh.png Failuresaurus Flesh
Meat.gif Raw Animal Meat (Cooked.gif Cooked) ■ Stunted essence.png Poisonous Potato EssenceRaw Chicken Soup.png Raw Chicken Soup (Cooked Chicken Soup.png Cooked) ■ Sio Chiu Le2.png Sio-Chiu-Le


Ancient clock.png Ancient ClockDinopedia.png DinoPediaGrid Javelins.gif JavelinGem Axe.png Scarab AxeGem Hoe.png Scarab Hoe
Gem Pickaxe.png Scarab PickaxeGem Shovel.png Scarab ShovelGem Sword.png Scarab SwordArmour.gif Skull Armor
Skull Stick.png Skull StickSpawnegg.png Spawn EggsGrid Tooth dagger.png Tooth DaggerWhip.png Whip


Grid Live Coelacanth.png Live Coelacanth (Grid Live Alligator Gar.png Live Alligator Gar) (Nautilus (1).png Live Nautilus) (Grid Live Sturgeon.png Live Sturgeon) ■
Ball.gif Toy BallToy tethered log.png Tethered LogToy scratching post.png Scratching Post

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