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A "bones" and a sarcosuchus.

""They were sailors, warriors or passengers before the ship was sunk. Now they are just some dead bones standing there with silence. What...? You say they turned around...?""
Backstory of the Dead Bones that reside in long sunken ships.

A "bones" is a deactivated mob, from early on in the original F&A mod, formerly referred to as "dead bones." They were originally intended to be the former crew of the shipwreck structures where they would spawn and attack players, dropping bones and skulls upon death. Their natural spawning was deactivated very early on in the mod. As of 8.0.0, their spawn eggs themselves have been removed, and they can no longer be spawned at all. It is unknown if there are any plans to re-implement them. 


When they were still in the mod, they had to be kept in the water or the dark as they burnt in sunlight. They also had the ability to walk underwater instead of floating on the surface like other Minecraft mobs.


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